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booking.com 15 voucher code promotion

£15 cash back on booking.com


I have used booking.com on many occasions spread over a few year period, for various locations and properties. Most recently a trip to Edinburgh where I used a promotion for £15 cash back. What I had to do was use the link supplied, select my destination, hotel, B&B or apartment, which i booked, when i had completed my stay and checked out within the next few days had the option to claim back my £15 cash which of course I did. This was then refunded to my credit card job done.

So here is the offer for anyone of you to use, you will get £15 cash back once you have booked via this link – carried out you visit/stay and checked out, It really was that simple.

Now the reason I  found the website to be great when looking for a hotel, apartment or B&B was the map  selection as this allows me to search round a location or area for hotels with prices, you can of course narrow down this even more with the advanced options down the left hand side, rating, room type, etc. The reason I liked this so much was it gives you reference and a better idea of distance from city center, landmarks and so on.Take for example Amsterdam a location I am taking the better half. I choose to be close to Amsterdam central station and you can see all the prices of hotels or B&B’s in that location.

booking.com search and map page

  1. Book using this referral link,
  2. Stay at you property
  3. Check out & the receive the £15 reward (Sent via booking.com)

I am unsure of how many people this will work with and if the link does no longer work please let me know by leaving a comment below.

Happy Holidays!
booking.com 15 voucher code promotion

P.s I do receive a small commission from booking.com but it is paid directly by them and does not affect your booking price!


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