Aerial 2D Mapping

Aerial drone mapping is a excellent way of providing an overview of your construction, environmental monitoring project. Drones are quick to deploy and with the use of software automation can provide excellent repeatability. As the drone industry grows they are proving how hugely beneficial they can be throughout your project from start to finish.

1. Reducing risk

2. Reducing costs

3. Saving time

4. Identifying problems

5. Repeatability

The aerial mapping process futurephoto offers consists of the drone flying a pre planned mission to collect images of a predefined height with a forward and side overlap to produce a large orthomosiac image with often with less than cm/pixel relative accuracy. (Realities Accuracy is when one point measured to the next point is comparable to that in real life) Point a to Point b measured 10m from the orthomosaic image. Point A to point B measures 10m in real world

Now don’t get this get confused with absolute accuracy as this would require the use of more complex measurement survey grade equipment combined with the drone. Ground control points are often used and located using a surveyor and their GPS based systems and corrections. Point A from the orthomosiac image is located at Point A in the real world.

1. Reducing risk as an overview of the project from the air may highlight problems not seen by ground based survey.

2 & 3 The data is collected quickly, efficiently and effectively by a one or two man team. Dependant on the area or size of project being mapped this can be Processed and returned to the client often within a day or two therefore reducing cost and saving time.

4. Problems that may not be seen through the project as it moves through various stages can be identified by aerial mapping progress reporting.

5. When an area has been mapped these can be saved and uploaded to the drone when returning to the site so the exact same path is flown and images captured from almost if not the same location as previously captured. Creating an almost if not identical orthomosiac 2D map.

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