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Introduction to Drone Aerial imaging for Mapping, Survey and Photogrammetry.

My personal review of the Introduction to drone aerial imaging for mapping course held by ThinkWhere and presented by Andy Carman.

Introduction to Drone Aerial imaging for Mapping, Survey and Photogrammetry.
Overall Ranking: 10/10
Price: £595
Owner: Andy Carman
Websites: &


If you are considering adding various services to compliment your drone operations aerial mapping is probably very high on your list. I was in the same situation and discovered Andy’s course its one I would highly recommend the valuable experience I gained over the 2 days is second to none. I personally found you can teach yourself so much from the internet, and attending various webinars but then I hit a bump in the road. This is where Andy comes in, as I found out what I had read and understood previously was fine but I didn’t have the basics entirely sussed therefore didn’t completely understand certain aspects therefore I didn’t entirely know what I could and couldn’t output for clients. Andy’s course pointed me in the right direction without even having to ask the questions I had at the ready. It is laid out in a nice systematic way and after the two day course was complete I now feel more confident than ever to approach clients and discuss the data they may need provided. I also know the limitations for what can and cannot be done with certain sensors(camera’s) in certain situations.


The major benefit in attending this course will not only allow you to verify the data you acquire confidently it will allow you to pass on your Newly gained knowledge to potential client and give you confidence to deliver a final product that will be more than satisfactory.


This course is designed and suited for anyone with an interest in drone mapping and wants to further their knowledge.


The training material is presented and delivered via PowerPoint with all slides given to you in a hardback manual, there is also very VERY handy information passed digitally(this you will have to go on the course to find out more about and worth its weight in gold. You can follow along and take notes and you keep the manual when completed.

The manual layout and the way it is presented flows well and is easy to follow.

You will complete and run through a complete example and working project to make sure you have grasped the concepts and what you would need to go on to do confidently,


Both Andy and ThinkWhere where more than accommodating and helpful throughout the course providing adequate snacks and refreshments throughout. Andy provides access to his private facebook group after the course and its a great way to build your knowledge and ask and future questions you may have.


I found the price to be very fair and thought I received great value for money. Andy was more than happy to answer an other questions I had after the class was finished for the day.


One thing that become very apparent is drone inspections and mapping overlap, as I found out it all comes down to the sensor and a little bit of maths and with the right set up you can identify something as small as a fixing (screwhead), this may have a head less than 1cm. This is also critical when mapping and setting up your GCPS as you want to make sure you can identify the very centre of your marker again this will be tiny, not only that you want to make sure you can see the important points on the ground your client is interested in, like I mention before it’s all about some simple maths but it only became simple and clear once I had been on the ARC aerial image mapping course.

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Out with the old in with the New.

November, December and January.

So it’s been a busy end to 2018 and a very busy start to 2019, things are looking good for 2019 with lots of planning being put in place.

The end of 2018 was very interesting and a new joint venture is on the horizon which is great for futurephoto and drone operations more about that in the coming months.

With the weather being poor and the dark nights setting in this allowed me to focus on family over the festive period and get out with the DSLR for lots of much needed portrait practice. (Check out the gallery here)

Another big help and something I have found to be great fun is the free GuruShots this is a photography game running competitions for various categories, its helped a great deal to see if my pictures are liked by others. With options to swap your pictures throughout the competitions factored in you, its proved to me that some pictures I like, other people like different ones better. Highlighting everyone has different tastes. The algorithm within GuruShots claims to give each picture the same amount of exposure time weather the picture was added at the beginning or the end of the competition. I can recommend this app as not only has it helped me think more creatively because to help your pictures along the way and throughout the competition you are required to vote on other peoples pictures exposing you too the other creative photographers out there. Scoring points and competing in more and more competitions sees you climbing the ranks from newbie, rookie, challenger, advanced, veteran, expert, champion, master and finally reaching the tops stop of GURU.

Why not join the fun and have a shot for your self. “You have amazing photos! play with me on GuruShots.”

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My personal review of JC59

Personal review of JC59 CBD oil food supplement

Overall Ranking: 10/10
Price: on average £30 per 10ml
Owners: Lloyd & Craig Butterworth

JC59 are a supplier of high quality CBD – Cannabidiol oil (food supplement.) The brother llyod and craig have worked hard with their supplier from holland to provide their customers with a verity of quality CBD oil.

Why all the talk about CBD

From what I can understand after my own research purely speculative involving quite a few hours reading about CBD: The human body produces certain cannabinoids (endocannabinoids) on its own because these interact with receptors in our body CB1R & CB2R. I was going to attempt to break down and understand the CB1 and CB2 receptors but these are very complex CB1 being located in certain parts of the central nervous system and CB2 located on inflammatory cells so I am no doctor and at this stage in my life never will be, if you would like to know more I suggest consulting something like News-Medical or National Center Biotechnology Information / PubMed over 1055 articles and test carried out)
Medical News & HeraldScotland

In conclusion to my reading of various articles various CBD, CBN and THC studies will be carried out and as the laws around the cannabis change and become more relaxed people’s perspective of the plant may change and these studies will be more welcomed. I really hope this natural powerful plant really can help.

Cannabis, marijuana or Hemp

It is all very similar but the way it is grown/cultivated will often be to suit the consumer’s needs. The female plant produces buds/flowers which can be smoked or utilised but you also get male plants, the male plant seeds only give you sore head. Marijuana generally refers to the leaves and flowering tops of the cannabis plant, hashish (hash) referring to the resin and cannabis oil mostly from the Cannabis indica, Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis rudavalis plant. Cannabis indica, sativa, rudavalis cross breading has led to thousands of different strains. This is one hell of a confusing plant, or one well pimped (hybrid) plant with many strains all fighting for their share of market space especially in a country like Holland where it is legal, head to a coffee shop over there to be met by a wall of clear plastic bins with many names like, Acapoco Gold, Bedrocan, Blue Dream, Charlotte’s web, Durban Poison, Purple Kush, skunk, Sour Diesel and of course my favourite name and probably the most famous White Widow.

Cannabis, marijuana or Hemp what does all this mean?

These are questions I had as like most people I’m guessing. After all smoking a joint, growing or supplying cannabis is illegal in many countries and many people have been locked up for such offences for example Howard marks the biggest smuggler of cannabis aka “Mr Nice”. Some people will associate smoking cannabis a slippery slope to the introduction of “harder” drugs, the stigma of being a gateway drug is one that is slowly shifting but takes time and education.

Is hemp weed????

What is weed? A plant whose virtues have never been discovered.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hemp – is a strain of the cannabis plant but without the high concentration of THC, to be more precise the THC content is lower than 0.3% by weight. Hemp or industrial Hemp is quite possibly one of the oldest farmed/cultivated plants (8000+ BCE) and can be used to create many different products like: Hemp car panels, trainers, fabrics, rope, food (very high in protein and other nutrients), paper, biofuel and it can also be rich in CBD.

“Why use up the forests which were centuries in the making and the mines which required ages to lay down, if we can get the equivalent of forest and mineral products in the annual growth of the hemp fields?” ~ Henry Ford

What can be extracted from the plant?

Over 400 compounds inside the cannabis plant, the Trichomes contain THC and canabanoids which there are more than 85 variants identified and contained inside the cannabis plant, some of them include THCA, THC, CBDA, CBD. THCA becomes THC and CBDA becomes CBD through the decarboxylation process catalysed by heat, light or alkaline conditions.

THC delta-9 tetrahydocannabinol is the main most active ingredient in the cannabis plant and is the physcoactive ingredient that gives you the “High” and alters the users mind. But when combined with CBD it is said that these components can work well together.

CDN is Cannabinol as THC ages or is exposed to heat/ultra violet light it becomes CDN, it is said to have sedative like effects. (Sleep aid)

CBD is Cannabidiol. CBD does not have the physcoactive element but has the opposite effect of the THC and CBN it calms you down, it can make changes in the body positively leading to a lot of medical studies and medical research around the CBD oils. The most common and accepted practice to extract CBD with is with the use of CO2.

Terpenoids – Around 200 Terpenes are found in the cannabis plant, these terpenes evaporate easily and are sniffed in by the nose. Terpinoids / Terpenes are said to be what form the basis of aroma therapy. So the fragrance you associate with your favourite strain of cannabis is due to the dominant terpenes. Some of these more pungent terpenes also give the plant protection from insects, fungus and other animals looking for food. Do not forget the terpenes because when they are combined with CBD and/or THC they may help with the overall effect on the body/mind.

Trichomes – Contain cannabis Resin which is the sticky gooey residue. The trichomes are found on the female plants buds and lesser amount on the leaves.

Hemp oil or CBD oil?

Proper cultivated strains of cannabis are grown for their CBD-rich properties, hemp or industrial hemp as a whole can contain far less CBD therefore will require far more to be grown, some may also claim hemp oil contains less canabioids making it less effective. The process used for extraction has an effect on the final CBD oil product. Common Extraction techniques include: CO2 Extraction, Ethanol and Olive Oil.


The benefits of using CBD as a food supplement has been reported to include: Pain relief, Relieves anxiety, Anti-depressant, Lowers blood pressure, Antioxidant & Reduces inflammation

 Disclaimer: Like a lot of food supplements they could have side effects: drowsiness, diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, dry mouth, change in eating habits are among some before takin CBD oil you should consult a medical professional.


Do not hesitate to contact them with your questions as I know they would be more than happy to help or respond to your queries. 


Various Flavours and types available starting from £29.99 per 10ml

Final Verdict

After you read the brothers story and why they have pursued the JC59 brand you will connect with their passion for CBD oil and the possible benefits it can provide. The oil is definitely highly recommended and I personally supply my dogs with this on a twice daily basis,I  feel it helps to ease their pain and the onset of arthritis.   

Check out JC59’s shop

Personal review of JC59

Should cannabis be legalised now?

In 1928 the recreational use of cannabis was banned in the UK, the growing of Cannabis plants made illegal in 1964 and it’s medical use was outlawed in 1974, but as things progress in 2018 there are discussions and various campaigns set up, and it looks to be up for negotiation.

UPDATE!! As of the 19th of March 2019, it is legal for a doctor in Scotland, Wales and England to prescribe products which contain Cannabis, Cannabis Resin or Cannabinol, a major step forward and hopefully will give many parents and adults what they require to return to a life before medical problems arose.

Legalising Cannabis has become something of an increasing subject through many countries. One of the most well known being in Holland as they where one of the first countries to have a tolerative policy which decriminalised the growing, consumption and re-sale of cannabis in (permitted) coffee shops one of the first was the bulldog coffee shop, as the story goes the owner originally sold his joints/marijuana in a park his stash buried in a hole which was guarded by his “Bulldog” sitting on top.

  • Uruguay – In 2013 Uruguay was the first country to legalise cannabis for recreational use, they must sign up to a register and can buy up to 1.4 ounces a month from pharmacy’s who’s product comes from state supervised fields.
  • Canada – In 2018 Canada voted 52 to 29 in favour for the recreational use of cannabis, minimum age limits are set to 18 and the producers will be federally licensed. As of October 17th 2018 it is now fully legal.

The potential for the income/taxes the countries that legalise the sale, consumption and production of cannabis could be huge, i think a lot of politicians may be crunching the numbers and want in on the action. Forbes report that the worldwide cannabis market could be worth 57 Billion by 2027.

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My personal review of Buffer

my buffer review

my buffer review
Overall Ranking: 9.5 out of 10
Price: Various packages, Monthly Pricing Starting from $15

Owners: Joel Gascoigne (Co-Founder)


Buffer is a social media tool, the software helps streamline the process of posting across multiple social media channels. They are trusted by over 80,000 users, from small business to huge brands.


The user interface is easy to use, the free account is great and helps get you started especially when cash can be tight when starting your own business. The option to schedule posts allows you to stay ahead and write content in advance. You can choose to post to your groups and business pages on Facebook so you don’t double up content keeping your posts relevant.

I have noticed you can’t monitor your social media or customer engagement through the tool but there is other software out there that can fill this gap.


Buffer can be used by a complete novice starting on their own or a business working with a social management team. Buffers statement “We aim to serve a variety of markets including: publishers, mid-stage startup teams, non-profits, higher education, sports teams, e-commerce, solopreneurs, businesses, and enterprises.”


Buffer has a dedicated team to help support its users, they are focused on their customers and user experience.


Sign up to buffer and you can connect up to 8 social media accounts to a personal pro account.

But do not worry you can try out the free option which lets you connect 3 of your social media channels and start posting, I find this great and it is what got me started.

Business account Allows you to connect to more social media channels from 25 all the way to a maximum of 150 for the largest plan. The small Medium and Large business plans are $99, $199 & $399 monthly. The business plan also allows you to include teammates, which is great if you want help creating and keeping up to date with social media posting on a regular basis.

On The Go – Buffer has a free app and this allows you to share/post from your mobile device while on the go.


Buffer is a great tool and one I recommend you add to your business toolbox, it is easy to us , the user interface is easy to navigate and this helps save me valuable time. I am a small company and mange all my own social media so this tool suits me and the way I work. I recommend anyone to give this a go especially if you have a LinkedIn business page it makes posting on the go easy.

I am sure you will LOVE it!!

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Creating a Time-lapse

Shooting or capturing a time-lapse for the first time can really help you understand the transition from photography to videography. I found it helpful to gain an understanding of the basic fundamentals like what size of picture (frame) I could capture, how many pictures (frames) I could capture over a period, how many of these pictures (frames) would I have at the end and finally how many of these pictures (frames) should be displayed a second (fps- Frame Rate).
  1. The size of picture I.e. how many pixels dictated the Image quality and determines the output HD, UHD and 4K etc.
  2. Working out how many pictures you can capture or will have at the end can be dictated by a few factors like camera battery life, what it is you are capturing, what you would like the final timelaps to look like etc

An example I can run through with you is a short one I created with a go-pro. The go pro I used could take a maximum size of image of 2592 x 1944 so the resolution would be 5Mega pixel.

The next point I took into consideration was the length of clip I required 30 secs. I wanted to display the images captured at 25 fps meaning that each clip picture would be displayed for 0.04 of a second. I did the following maths 30 secs x 25 fps = 750, the amount of images I needed. Luckily my go-pro battery lasted about 3.5 hours, again I did some more maths 3.5hrs x 60mins = 210 mins. therefore 210/0.5 (30secs) = 420 pictures, so you can see i am over half way there giving me room for a little editing as the building process i wanted to capture was going to be over 2 days leaving me with a final total of 844 images.

Having all the images batch edited and organised with the same settings is also very important as you can see from above you may end up with a lot of images for a very short clip. Adobe Lightroom is great for this it allows you to organise and edit large amounts of images at the same time. I made sure to rename all of my images in a sequence style.
Timelaps with lightroom
I now used premier pro, this allows you to create and edit a time-lapse with ease, select import and choose your file location, with the first picture selected and the sequence box checked you are good to import. the images will be automatically compiled into a time-lapse.
Once you have the time-lapse imported, select editing at the top, drag the clip to the sequence bar bottom right, then sequence on the very top tool bar and sequence settings, this will allow you to choose frame rate etc.
You can now check the FPS and Size quality of your images add music etc. Once happy output your time-lapse and share with everyone.
Here is one I created with a go-pro and over 800 images. The go pro was set to capture an image every 30 seconds and was taken over 2 days the battery lasted about 4 hours.

I hope this helps you create a great little time-lapse which can be used to document so many​ things. Good Luck

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Create Black and White image photoshop

Create black white image photoshop

Things to look for when using black and white (monochrome): What are you taking a picture of? E.g Subjects all about colour may lose a lot of impact and will not suit black and white. To contradict myself when an image has too many strong colours black and white can help bring out a subject better.

  1. Tones – are very important as some colour tones when converted to black and white will become very similar this means detail within the image may be lost.
  2. Grey Scale – Black and whites are made up of black, white and grey,
  3. Lighting – Best lighting conditions can be early morning and late evenings providing natural light, back lighting objects within your pictures helps create silhouettes. Converting Night time images to black and white can help to remove different lighting effects from various light sources. (white light, orange street light etc)
  4. Contrast – Black and white the clue is in the name high contrast huge difference between black and white without much greys. (Ying yang picture). Low contrast pictures with a lot of grey can give your images a dream like feel.
  5. Format – as with all pictures they can be edited and displayed in the Portrait, Landscape, square etc.

Some ideas for black and white photography landscapes dramatic skies can be great in black and white polarizing and ND filters work great. Architecture with dark buildings and bright sunlight casting shadows etc. Portraits when people are wearing contrasting clothes or bringing detail out in old wrinkled faces. Wildlife photography of less colourful animals.

Note:(Shoot in RAW and use the monochrome setting on your camera will allow you to preview the images on your LCD in black and white.)

HSL/Grey Scale Hue saturation and luminance as I have found is the best tab selection in adobe camera raw to edit and turn your images to black and white, compared to the “convert to grey scale” option.Edit Black and white grayscale

Hueallows you to change the colours in your images.

Saturation – allows you to increase or decrease the amount of colours in your images, great for finding cross over in your colours. If colours are stripped away  this can help identify tones that are very similar.

Luminance – increase brightness of the tones in your image.

How to convert your images from colour to black and white.

  1. Open you image with Adobe Camera Raw and Edit the white balance & lens correction. You can open JPG files with adobe camera RAW it does not just have to be a RAW camera format. (Select filter, Adobe camera Raw filter when none RAW file open in photoshop.)Edit Black and white Step 12. To convert your image to black and white use the saturation tab first to check for the most dominant colours by removing each colour individually. Stripping the colours away manually instead of choosing the greyscale option helps you understand and pick the colours which will make a difference and the effects you will have when adjusting using the luminance tab.
    Edit Black and white Step 2

Note: as you can see the main colours within this image are the: Reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues and purples.

Edit Black and white Step 2.1 3. Now adjust the Luminance slider to increase the brightness of these tones.Edit Black and white Step 3

4. Now head back to the first for a final edit your picture and check you are happy with Exposure etc.Edit Black and white step 4

5. Head to split toning options tab. highlights balance and shadows press ALT key when on the slider to help view the colour you want to adjust. Don’t push too much when toning keep it low is key. As you can see I have given the image a slightly aged image feel.Edit Black and white step 5

6. Fx panel – remove haze or mist effect. Grain effect Grain has no pattern but noise in a picture does. Grain helps to make a picture older, vignette helps darken the edges bringing your focus to the centre.Edit Black and white step 6

Final Images Original (left) and final image edited with photoshop (right)Original & Finished


For more Photoshop help you can read my “Understanding Photoshop” page

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July, August, September & October Update

futurephoto drone user magazine

Just writing the title of this post has made me realise how busy its been, time fly’s by when you’re having fun.

So July and August saw me have to contend with the school holidays as they were in full swing when I get back from offshore, these involved balancing Caravan holidays, entertaining my 3 kids while squeezing in golf and of course not forgetting drone flying time certainly was great. The weather has really come through this summer up here in the north-east of Scotland allowing me to get some 3D modelling practice with the drone and some fine HDR snaps have been the main objectives.  Along with making 3D models the various apps also allow you to create maps, to further understand this I have got myself booked on course to help create valuable data for potential clients. The course is provided by ARC Aerial Imaging and of course I will include a blog post all about it when I have attended mid November.

September involved Joining Drone Safe Register has been a great networking tool and helped get me a feature in drone user magazine which has been a huge step in the right direction for my self and my business Futurephoto. So please check out the online magazine which is free and available online. You can catch up on my featured case study here

futurephoto drone user magazine

October has seen me back in the office rather than living the offshore life, which is great home every night definitely has its benefits and allows me to work on improvements and services I am able to offer more clients, but it is now the end of October Halloween to be precise and the weather has certainly turned, dark nights, wind & rain will not make it easy to get out with the drone but I will be persistent this is when  having my night permissions will come in very handy. This next few months main aim will be to get out and capture some night shots.

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Making money with Cannabis investments

4 ways of making money with Cannabis investments

Collecting Cannabis seeds: It is currently illegal to grow cannabis seeds in the UK without a licence this is currently similar throughout a lot of other countries. But it is Presently, fully legal in the UK (and in many other countries worldwide), to collect dormant cannabis seeds, dormant seeds are seeds which have or are not germinated.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Sensi-seeds supplies legal cannabis seeds from some of the most masterful breeders in the world, who have worked hard to create a huge variety of high-tech strains, all with their own unique genetic properties.

By safely storing legal cannabis seeds, valuable genetics can be preserved for the future use if the law ever changes in a manner which allows cannabis to be legally cultivated, if such a monumental change was to occur, a collection of fine, high-quality strains can be resurrected from their slumber and these collected seeds could prove to be very valuable to collectors instead of being referred to as long-lost legends.

Many of the world’s top breeders have created a cult following, their branded products are a collectable souvenir for anyone interested in the cannabis seed culture. Even if the laws do change to make cannabis cultivation legal, many collectors are likely to keep their precious seeds dormant, much like a vintage whisky collector may store fine whiskies with no intent to ever uncork a bottle. Whether you are a hardcore-collector, or a beginner who just wants to keep a few choice strains for posterity, you’ll appreciate the huge selection of top-notch brands and fine varieties which sensi seeds can offer. This can be a positive investment that in years to come may pay-off as a monetary windfall. Other options could be to invest in companies already listed on the stock market.

Investing in the Stock Market

NASDAQ Global Market (GWPH) – GW pharmaceuticals are licensed to glow cannabis in the UK their products include Epidiolex® (cannabidiol) from the cannabis plant, Sativex® for mor information visit

General Cannabis Corp – OTCQX: CANN – A holding company with established resources throughout the regulated cannabis market. These resources include the infrastructure needed to grow, protect, distribute and dispense various cannabis based products.

Investing in Cannabis  Cryptocurrencies

C-45 Bill was currently in progress and if passed could produce some big winners and losers in the cannabis industry.
UPDATE: This bill was passed in June 2018 and stands to make a legal cannabis market in Canada!

Losers in this market are set to be the ones who fall short and do not comply with the legislation in the cannabis C-45 bill, so as things develop and companies start to fall in line with the  legislations put in place it could be a very interesting time to see if the cyrptocurrencies attempting to grow the market flourish into some sweet BUDS!

Remember: the cryptocurrency market is still finding its feet and seems to becoming more stabilised, the cannabis market is the same which could make them a good fit but remember these are young and risk is involved with any investment this is only a guide.

(FYI in brackets is the ticker an acronym found on coin market cap):

  • Potcoin (POT) – The first cannabis based cryptocurrency created to service the legalised cannabis industry. Based on a Peer to Peer network without the centralization of a bank, they also provide users with a secure Potcoin Mobile APP Wallet.
  • Cannabis Coin (CANN) – Very similar to POT coin but tested at dispensary’s already and making valuable progress.
  • Dopecoin (DOPE)
  • Canna Coin (CCN)
  • Paragon (PRG) – Creating positive work enviroments office space geared towards the cannabis industry and the people who work in it.
  • Hemp Coin (THC) – One of the first 30 crypto currencies created in 2014 the Hemp coin is geared towards the hemp agricultural and farming market allowing farmers a safe and convenient way to pay their peers for hemp products. They also aim to target and create a Point of sale card system.
  • Budbo (BUBO) – ???? Website not working????
  • GreenMed (GRMB) – Has created a mobile APP to find your dispensary and order your product for pick up or delivery.
  • Blazer Coin – ???? Website not working????
  • SativaCoin (STV) – A commodity driven cryptocurrency that was based on the Cannabis market but has since shifted to the larger commodity market.
  • KushCoin – Did not have an ICO self-funded and aim to be the number one coin to service the cannabis market from seed, distribution and sale.
  • Cannation – ???? Website not working????
  • Marijuana Coin (MAR) – Seems dead in the water July 2018!
  • GrowersInternational (GRWI) – ERC20 token who can supply lots of products for the growers market(looks like it’s a work in progress)
  • Tokes Platform (TKS) – Setting up to provide blockchain solutions to the cannabis industry. Part of the team is Chris Bolton who is COO of THERACANN INTERNATIONAL who builds, grows and markets products following the correct solutions and ISO standards. Seems most active and monthly newsletter is still updated! (Vault Logic BTM Bitcoin Tellar Machines)

Investing in Cannabis ICO’s

There are a few cannabis ICO’s relating to cannabis market but as with all of these Risk is involved and as I have found sometimes leads to fingers being burnt!

  • Budd Token (BUDD) – Attempt to capitalise on the Canadian market and create a banking solution, they also aim to create an Amazon style network while developing a Vape & clothing line for the BUDD Brand.
  • Gana Token
  • Pavo
  • Ganja Token
  • Nezly
  • Nuvus
  • ATF agro tech farm
  • CannaSOS
  • Herby
  • SmokeNetwork
  • CBD
  • Ganja Coin
  • Bongger
  • com
  • SmokeExchange
  • Duber
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Who said “picture worth 1000 (thousand) words?”

Picture worth a thousand words image

The saying above is not entirely correct and there are many takes on the origins so here is my attempt to tell you who created it, and why it is still so relevant in today’s digital world!

Fred R. Barnard – is associated with first use of two phrases December 8, 1921 “One look is worth a thousand words” & March 10, 1927 “One picture is worth 10,000 words.” Frank was an advertising executive and he used these two phrases to promote and commend the use of pictures/graphics in advertising. He was quoted to say “he originally said it was a Chinese proverb so people would take it seriously”

The earliest reference of any phrase I could find was by the Russian writer Ivan Turgenev wrote (in Fathers and Sons in 1861), “The drawing shows me at one glance what might be spread over ten pages in a book.” Source

It is still a piece of marketing genius if you ask me; he created a very true and meaningful phrase which can be proven in today’s digital world.

Marketing with picture’s

National geographic (Nat Geo)  is well over 100 years old the first magazine publication was in 1888,but for this old magazine it continues to be top of the charts for followers, they have over 88.8 million on the social media platform  Instagram, this is for good reason their pictures are awesome! The cross platform sharing photographers often do on various other social media platforms could also account to this. You can see their @Natgeoyourshot page!  or use the #yourshotphotographer has over 1.3 million posts.

May 2015 saw them reach the top spot with over 17 million followers where they have continued to stay , Dec  2016 over 64 million, Dec 2017 84 million, 2018 continues to grow July 2018 over 88.8 million followers!!!

The winner of the competition

View all pictures from their 2018 competition or you can upload pictures to their website after following an assignment they have selected for the month, every month 12 pictures are selected and posted to their Instagram page, if you are lucky enough to be selected the reach one picture could have is huge and would be a great way for some free recognition!

The secrets of a Digital Image!

Many  pictures tell a story and as with many photographers objectives they allow other people to be drawn to the picture giving them a sense of emotion to someone or something they may not get to experience otherwise. Images also help draw the attention of customers browsing online for their next purchase but we do not just have to have amazing pictures for the picture to tell 1000 words, the picture does not have to be viewed as a whole, there is secret Data associated with individual pixels not everyone knows about, EXIF files! Not all cameras have GPS but more and more do with that comes a location, geospatial information which can be associated to each individual pixel or the whole picture in metadata.

The histogram used by a photographer is another quite often hidden or unknown, the chart associates each pixel with a tone from which photographers can use to tell if the picture has the correct exposure.

Steganographic image – This involves hiding or replacing the least significant bit in an image with part of your secret message, the image itself with not look to different from the original, with the use of the key the image is now a secret message. This article goes into more detail


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DroneDeploy – My Review

drone deploy - my review

Overall Ranking: 8-10
Price: FreeTrial & Subscription
Co-Founders: Jono Millin, Michael Winn, Nicholas Pilkington

Drone Deploy is an app that allows turns your drone into a 3d modelling, mapping agricultural scanning machine. It has been developed in LA but over the last couple of years has gained serious momentum. What it can do is brilliant and even more so that when you set up what you want to do. It can be programmed so the drone will take off, fly the required path to acquire the data and land autonomously. From 2013 to 2018 drone deploy has raised $56 Million in funding the most recent being 25 million from 6 investors: Scale Venture Partners, AngelPad, Emergence Capital Partners, AirTree Ventures, Invenergy Future Fund & Uncork Capital.

Their aim with the newly acquired funding is “expanding their ecosystem of over 80 platform apps and integrations, and accelerating a series of industry-focused solutions,” says a company release.

DroneDeploy App Market
DroneDeploy app market has allowed them to partner with many products and services and these are now available to today drone market. The app market has over 80 apps available paid & free which allows data to be used / transferred easily between them.
The apps they have available help to produce the complete the commercial drone flight work flow smooth and efficient:
Verifly – Insurance provider to ensure you’re covered when you fly.
Airmap – Airspace awareness so you understand the airspace you’re operating in.
Dronebase – A go to app to link to the customer to the provider.
AutoDesk – A desktop solution to further edit and enhance your data.
Skyward – Export your flight logs and keep your log book up-to-date.
PDF Annotation Report – Create and produce annotated pictures to include in your PDF Reports.
SidebySide – Compare present and previously created maps side by side to help highlight improvements or changes.
Sketch fab – this app allows you to view your 3D models and images.
White Clouds – Turn your 3D images into 3D printed models.

Who is it for?
The DroneDeploy app is aimed at small to large commercial pilot operations; it can be used in house by companies or small service providers. It has proven by to be a real game changer and turns what was once seen as a toy into a great tool. I have personally used the app and found it very easy to use.

My personal Review of DroneDeploy
You can try the software for free, so get out and start madding maps playing with the autonomous flying modes and see what great fun you can have. It can be scary at first watching your drone fly off into the distance but mine did return and I managed to get some nice map overlays.  Be very careful of your surroundings and watch for any telephone wires and power cables etc, even though some drone have sensing capabilities these can be missed by the drone.

Real Time Drone Mapping
A new feature drone deploy offer to assist in speed and delivery methods, no need to down load from SD card to upload and wait on processing, your clients have the opportunity to view

They offer great online tech support and help, you can contact them almost 24/7 and they will endeavour to get back to you as soon as humanly possible. They provide the user with video tutorials and reading materials as well as online webinars from industry professions to help you understand what they want and what you can provide them. This is all great information assisting you with that sales pitch to new clients.


  • Free 14 day trail– get out ther and get flying in 14 days i had everything I needed practiced from setting up a mission on my computer, or getting to location planning the flight and off it goes automated and handsfree. I sat back and watched it carry out the flightpath.
  • $83Pro membership – Monthly
  • $243 Business membership – Monthly
  • Custom pricing – available for enterprise members.

Final Opinion

Overall I found Drone Deploy quite easy to use and the app and computer interface is great. The processing time of small projects was quick and with the new app market viewing your images or transferring the data is pretty seamless.

Drone Deploy give you a great trial period so do not hesitate to miss the opportunity to at least give it a try. See what it’s like, get in the valuable practice you can save your work and show it to building contractors, farmers, groundwork firms. You are offering a valuable asset a view of their work sight they probably could not see otherwise.

You really get the feeling DroneDeploy want all of it users to succeed, there is still the personal start-up company feel none of that corporate bull you may have to deal with from other set-ups.

Disclaimer and Advice: If you are a small drone service provider I would recommend you do not advertise your services as a surveyor or crop survey expert remember these services often require licenses/qualifications and certification. With drone deploy you can offer great services but be truthful and do not claim to be something you are not. You could team up with the professions, you have spent time & money to become a qualified drone pilot so you can bring something to the table they cannot. Read more about Drone Mapping