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Autoresponder email free

Why do I need an E-mail autoresponder?  These help save my time by replaying to e-mails automatically,  allowing me to do more in with my day, it also allows your marketing program to become handsfree. I discuss below how i got started for free and was able to grow an e-mail list without spending anything on the landing page or the free email autoresponder.

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The first step of the automation process is creating some way of capturing and storing e-mail addresses. I began with an online system called Mailmunch. They were a good way to get started building and testing landing pages for free. You have a couple of free opt in pages, forms, pop ups or landing pages to build. You can select various options for these, the best for me being which website page they appear on and how they react when visitors perform certain actions, more flexibility to capture that e-mail address. With your opt in forms, pages or pop ups created and ready to capture e-mail addresses it is time to link this program to an e-mail auto responder. An e-mail autoresponder is a great way to begin the optimisation of your automated online strategy, when combined with landing pages the user signs up with their e-mail address this then triggers your pre-determined and pre-written e-mail sequence sent on a time based setup. This could be providing a newsletter once a month – every so often informing them of new products, blog post or even a dedicated sales sequence that can run over weeks.

There are a few e-mail auto responders available, but the two I have the most experience with are Mailchimp and Aweber.

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I started using Mailchimp as it was easy to get started and link to my Mailmunch plugin with my wordpress website. It is great to get started and allows you to use it free when your e-mail list is below 500 addresses and your account will be “forever free” if you keep the list below 500. It is a perfect free way to get started and grow your all e-mail list. Using mailchimp is fairly straightforward, creating your e-mails and selecting the time at which these should be sent after the user has opted in works well.

If you want a reliable responder who’s service is more than capable of handling thousands to low tens of thousands e-mails, you can be sure the e-mails will be sent and delivered. Again like mailchimp you can link and use this with Mailmunch.

Aweber and Mailchimp – both allow you to create a Newsletter and supply a template, Both provide statistics about the e-mail they have sent, like the amount Delivered and Opened.

Aweber benefits:

  1. Free 30 day trial
  2. 700 Templates to Mailchimps around 90.
  3. Access to stock images to include for free.
  4. telephone and online chat support

Mail Chimp benefits:

  1. Free plan up to 500 e-mail users
  2. Mailchimp reports/feedback are better
  3. A wider range of third party app integrations


I recommend signing up with mailmunch and mailchimp, this combination will allow you to start the whole automation process free. There are templates you can use for free. The design flexibility is limited but you can do the basics and the basics will help you learn and grow your e-mail list. Both mailmunch and mailchimp integrate with WordPress as a plug in.

Do not forget about Aweber when you are up and running and that e-mail list is in the thousands they are strong, reliable and you can be sure your e-mails will be delivered.


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