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This blog exists as I needed somewhere to take note and help me keep on track with these ideas. I also wanted to detail the steps required to anyone thinking of starting a commercial drone business. The reason I would like to share my experience and detail different experiences is as I found the whole process of starting a drone business very difficult and would like to assist anyone who needs it.

One thing I found/find difficult is writing and documenting what I do. Don’t get me wrong when it comes to working my day-to-day job in the oil and gas industry I find it easy. The industry is all I have ever known. I left school trained at college determined to getting into it and succeeded. It’s quite a different story when you are setting out alone into territory unknown while balancing family life.

Back to the drone business, at this time lots of hardware and software is being developed to fly drones autonomously. Their aim to gather lots of data (e.g. pictures) and then convert drone data (e.g. pictures) into something you can market and sell to customers. Be it large clients in the various industries or small individuals looking for nice pictures of their houses. The market for commercial drone business is ever-growing and the software/hardware being developed rapidly increasing. As I attempt to bring this blog together (my first) I will attempt to cover as much as I can about my whole experience writing a post each step of the way.

You can choose to find out more About me  or look up How I got started and how I created my Online marketing strategy. If you would like to see my drone business progress visit Futurephoto Home Page or for some tips and tricks I enjoy you could checkout my  Photography page.

Thanks for reading and all comments good or bad welcome.