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My personal review of Buffer

my buffer review

my buffer review
Overall Ranking: 9.5 out of 10
Price: Various packages, Monthly Pricing Starting from $15

Owners: Joel Gascoigne (Co-Founder)


Buffer is a social media tool, the software helps streamline the process of posting across multiple social media channels. They are trusted by over 80,000 users, from small business to huge brands.


The user interface is easy to use, the free account is great and helps get you started especially when cash can be tight when starting your own business. The option to schedule posts allows you to stay ahead and write content in advance. You can choose to post to your groups and business pages on Facebook so you don’t double up content keeping your posts relevant.

I have noticed you can’t monitor your social media or customer engagement through the tool but there is other software out there that can fill this gap.


Buffer can be used by a complete novice starting on their own or a business working with a social management team. Buffers statement “We aim to serve a variety of markets including: publishers, mid-stage startup teams, non-profits, higher education, sports teams, e-commerce, solopreneurs, businesses, and enterprises.”


Buffer has a dedicated team to help support its users, they are focused on their customers and user experience.


Sign up to buffer and you can connect up to 8 social media accounts to a personal pro account.

But do not worry you can try out the free option which lets you connect 3 of your social media channels and start posting, I find this great and it is what got me started.

Business account Allows you to connect to more social media channels from 25 all the way to a maximum of 150 for the largest plan. The small Medium and Large business plans are $99, $199 & $399 monthly. The business plan also allows you to include teammates, which is great if you want help creating and keeping up to date with social media posting on a regular basis.

On The Go – Buffer has a free app and this allows you to share/post from your mobile device while on the go.


Buffer is a great tool and one I recommend you add to your business toolbox, it is easy to us , the user interface is easy to navigate and this helps save me valuable time. I am a small company and mange all my own social media so this tool suits me and the way I work. I recommend anyone to give this a go especially if you have a LinkedIn business page it makes posting on the go easy.

I am sure you will LOVE it!!

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Who said “picture worth 1000 (thousand) words?”

Picture worth a thousand words image

The saying above is not entirely correct and there are many takes on the origins so here is my attempt to tell you who created it, and why it is still so relevant in today’s digital world!

Fred R. Barnard – is associated with first use of two phrases December 8, 1921 “One look is worth a thousand words” & March 10, 1927 “One picture is worth 10,000 words.” Frank was an advertising executive and he used these two phrases to promote and commend the use of pictures/graphics in advertising. He was quoted to say “he originally said it was a Chinese proverb so people would take it seriously”

The earliest reference of any phrase I could find was by the Russian writer Ivan Turgenev wrote (in Fathers and Sons in 1861), “The drawing shows me at one glance what might be spread over ten pages in a book.” Source

It is still a piece of marketing genius if you ask me; he created a very true and meaningful phrase which can be proven in today’s digital world.

Marketing with picture’s

National geographic (Nat Geo)  is well over 100 years old the first magazine publication was in 1888,but for this old magazine it continues to be top of the charts for followers, they have over 88.8 million on the social media platform  Instagram, this is for good reason their pictures are awesome! The cross platform sharing photographers often do on various other social media platforms could also account to this. You can see their @Natgeoyourshot page!  or use the #yourshotphotographer has over 1.3 million posts.

May 2015 saw them reach the top spot with over 17 million followers where they have continued to stay , Dec  2016 over 64 million, Dec 2017 84 million, 2018 continues to grow July 2018 over 88.8 million followers!!!

The winner of the competition

View all pictures from their 2018 competition or you can upload pictures to their website after following an assignment they have selected for the month, every month 12 pictures are selected and posted to their Instagram page, if you are lucky enough to be selected the reach one picture could have is huge and would be a great way for some free recognition!

The secrets of a Digital Image!

Many  pictures tell a story and as with many photographers objectives they allow other people to be drawn to the picture giving them a sense of emotion to someone or something they may not get to experience otherwise. Images also help draw the attention of customers browsing online for their next purchase but we do not just have to have amazing pictures for the picture to tell 1000 words, the picture does not have to be viewed as a whole, there is secret Data associated with individual pixels not everyone knows about, EXIF files! Not all cameras have GPS but more and more do with that comes a location, geospatial information which can be associated to each individual pixel or the whole picture in metadata.

The histogram used by a photographer is another quite often hidden or unknown, the chart associates each pixel with a tone from which photographers can use to tell if the picture has the correct exposure.

Steganographic image – This involves hiding or replacing the least significant bit in an image with part of your secret message, the image itself with not look to different from the original, with the use of the key the image is now a secret message. This article goes into more detail


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Autoresponder email free

e-mail auto responders and list growers

Why do I need an E-mail autoresponder?  These help save my time by replaying to e-mails automatically,  allowing me to do more in with my day, it also allows your marketing program to become handsfree. I discuss below how i got started for free and was able to grow an e-mail list without spending anything on the landing page or the free email autoresponder.

mailmunch review futurephoto

The first step of the automation process is creating some way of capturing and storing e-mail addresses. I began with an online system called Mailmunch. They were a good way to get started building and testing landing pages for free. You have a couple of free opt in pages, forms, pop ups or landing pages to build. You can select various options for these, the best for me being which website page they appear on and how they react when visitors perform certain actions, more flexibility to capture that e-mail address. With your opt in forms, pages or pop ups created and ready to capture e-mail addresses it is time to link this program to an e-mail auto responder. An e-mail autoresponder is a great way to begin the optimisation of your automated online strategy, when combined with landing pages the user signs up with their e-mail address this then triggers your pre-determined and pre-written e-mail sequence sent on a time based setup. This could be providing a newsletter once a month – every so often informing them of new products, blog post or even a dedicated sales sequence that can run over weeks.

There are a few e-mail auto responders available, but the two I have the most experience with are Mailchimp and Aweber.

mailchimp aweber

I started using Mailchimp as it was easy to get started and link to my Mailmunch plugin with my wordpress website. It is great to get started and allows you to use it free when your e-mail list is below 500 addresses and your account will be “forever free” if you keep the list below 500. It is a perfect free way to get started and grow your all e-mail list. Using mailchimp is fairly straightforward, creating your e-mails and selecting the time at which these should be sent after the user has opted in works well.

If you want a reliable responder who’s service is more than capable of handling thousands to low tens of thousands e-mails, you can be sure the e-mails will be sent and delivered. Again like mailchimp you can link and use this with Mailmunch.

Aweber and Mailchimp – both allow you to create a Newsletter and supply a template, Both provide statistics about the e-mail they have sent, like the amount Delivered and Opened.

Aweber benefits:

  1. Free 30 day trial
  2. 700 Templates to Mailchimps around 90.
  3. Access to stock images to include for free.
  4. telephone and online chat support

Mail Chimp benefits:

  1. Free plan up to 500 e-mail users
  2. Mailchimp reports/feedback are better
  3. A wider range of third party app integrations


I recommend signing up with mailmunch and mailchimp, this combination will allow you to start the whole automation process free. There are templates you can use for free. The design flexibility is limited but you can do the basics and the basics will help you learn and grow your e-mail list. Both mailmunch and mailchimp integrate with WordPress as a plug in.

Do not forget about Aweber when you are up and running and that e-mail list is in the thousands they are strong, reliable and you can be sure your e-mails will be delivered.


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Wealthy Affiliate – My Review

my review wealthy affiliate

Overall Ranking: 9 out of 10
Price: Starter Membership =
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Website: Www.wealthyaffiliate.Com

Now wealthy affiliate is a website I stumbled across on my hunt to find something to help me build a website and make money with. I had been looking searching the Internet and searching through Facebook in attempts to find something to get me “Rich Quick” a fool I know but you never know. There where videos popping up all over my news feed quotes I kept hearing  “do you want to quit your day job?”, ” Do you want to work from home using only a computer?” and “Do you want to earn 6-Figures a year”. So I read as many reviews of different groups, websites and company’s all claiming the same thing. Now I am not going to name all the websites/companies I found some could be scams and some could be completely legitimate and I am sure people are making money with these. I feel I also cannot write about something I did not spend enough time using. I found many reviews good and bad about all of the various websites I investigated so I signed up to a few attended online webinar’s which all had the common outcome – listen to what they have to say for an hour they then slap a big price tag on it. First they tell you about all the money you could save by signing up now within the first 10 people or 10 minutes quite a sales technique. I thought they were just going to take my money and run. SCAM’s this is what I thought to myself they are all Online SCAM’s.

The one that kept cropping up with positive reviews was wealthy affiliate and after some time deciding/reading positive reviews I signed up and followed their free initial training. If you have an hour or so free every day/week then use wealthy affiliate and get started, it takes time and hard work but as you grow your website what you create can be online forever and has the potential to earn money every year, month, week, day hour or minute.


  1. They have a great affiliate program for you to follow and get started with, they pay decent commissions and until you find a Niche that works and you love writing about, you can use them as a starting point to practice and grow the wealthy affiliate boot camp will walk you through this and help you like it me.
  2. You do not need it put in any credit card details to get access to the Starter Program


Anyone who is a beginner to affiliate marketing will benefit in some way from Wealthy Affiliate after all the two people who put it all together have experience, and if they cannot help you out there is a solid community behind it to assist and help you grow.


The starter program is great for anyone looking to get started making money online it helps to outline the things you need to do this. They provide website hosts and keyword research tools and also explain all these terms.


There is direct support and weekly updates from the Kyle and Carson, The community on their website is great lots of people from starting out all the way to professionals making money out from what they have followed through wealthy affiliate.


Starter Program = FREE or Monthly Package = $49

wealthy affiliate whats included


Why I signed up and joined Wealthy Affiliate – you get two free websites and can participate in their online trial an added bonus to this no credit card details are required when you sign up to take part unless you want the premium option, This gives access to their group chat to ask any questions as you go through their course. Now they have two courses the WA Education and the Affiliate Bootcamp. I followed the WA Education one on how to set up and build a website. I did not use their free one’s I used my own domain i purchased and host using 1&1 INTERNET and created a WordPress website but that was the beauty a WordPress website is a WordPress website and when you know this and learn how to create one that cannot be taken that away. I can see nothing wrong with using their free one to practice if you don’t know what you are doing its better to practice why the hell not. If you have absolutely no idea how to build a website but know you would like to learn then i think it is quite a good place to start. It helped me get started and I used wealthy affiliate to help me build my very first WordPress website, they pointed me in the right direction about SEO, Keyword’s & even cover some Video content which helps a lot.

Wealthy affiliate have helped me allot and got me started building my website, which I have used to grow my drone business and also my online presence. I have combined the teachings of wealthy affiliate with other online ways to make money you can read more about my online marketing journey and what I have learned so far.

wealthy affiliate sig up box

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Free affiliate marketing training program

I came across this great free affiliate training program, they provide you with a video everyday for 12 days to follow their step by step walk through of how to build various pages, e-mail auto responders etc. The affiliate program is all based around click funnels which is a web service which can provide various customers with a sales funnel that is easy and quick to create. It was a great free way to try and understand what is involved in affiliate marketing if you are completely new to the whole concept like I was.

I am going to be completely honest and say the advert that prompted me to click, was 100 person signed up lists is the target!!!! = 4k a month and car paid. after all who the heck does not want 4K a month and a car lease paid for every month.

Remember this course is completely free and their are no strings attached, its worth just signing up for taking notes and going off to do your own thing if that is really what you want.

The course break down:

Day 1:Looking for previously created content that can help get you started and practice the click funnels system? Then sign up and get involved with the click funnels Affiliate program which includes affiliate boot camp training for free. 12 days of e-mails each day. Then 1 day a week concentrate on an offer and work towards each goal.

Day 2: Create action funnel, set up e-mails to products x 3

Day 3: Design first landing page, setup override so leads go to Affiliate offer.

Day 4: Build list of 100 influencers

Day 5: Set up Facebook ad account and business page. Set up first ad.

Day 6: Use audience insight tool, create target audience, set budget

Day 7: Run campaign

Day 8: Do a Facebook live video, Add call to action and set-up ad, run traffic to FB live video and optimise for traffic or video.

Day 9: Find podcasts create landing page add more to your list

Day 10: Find video with a lot of views, create a thank you page with the video, hook it up with your action funnel.

Sign up clients and become a certified partner to sell funnels to clients.

Day 11: Pick a niche build a funnel, share the funnel link for free and hook it all into your action funnel.

Day 12: Set up pixel on your pages and funnels, Create custom audience based on pixel data, set up a lookalike audience from what is based on your page. (Facebook tool Pixel)

Sign up now

Click funnels free affiliate boot camp

If you are unsure of what click funnels is you can Read my review of click funnels and why i believe they are worth it! READ NOW

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Is click funnels worth it?

is click funnels worth it logo

Is click funnels worth it? I have tried to be as detailed as possible below to detail the positives and why I think click funnels is worth its monthly subscription cost.

Overall Ranking: 9/10
Price: Monthly subscription $97 or $297
Owners: Russell Brunson



Click funnels is an all in one service that allows you to build the perfect sales funnel, the online program features help you to generate leads and generate more sales. The system can help save monthly costs as they include all the required tools to build that perfect sales funnel. This can all be done by you no need for expensive teams or marketers it really is that simple.

Check out this free webinar it is sure to help you out!!

The PROS of using Click Funnels

Easy to create complete funnel workflows
Editor balances ease of use with flexibility
Integrates with major email and payment providers
Free Nice looking templates for each type of funnel
Good training materials and ongoing weekly webinars
New features being consistently added
2-tier affiliate program and free affiliate training
click funnels affiliate program


This product would suit small business owners, online marketers / entrepreneur, E-commerce businesses, online coaching business, insurance business, network marketing and many more, creating the correct the funnel for anyone is possible.


What is included in the box so to speak is the following:

what it is inside click funnels

  1. Build an Opt in Page
  2. Exit Pop Ups
  3. Up Sell Page
  4. Down Sell Page
  5. Thank you page
  6. Follow up e-mails (auto responder- “Actionetics”)
  7. Shopping Carts
  8. Affiliate marketing platform for your users.

SUPPORTIs available and on hand should you get stuck creating a sales funnel, the system setup is very easy to use and all click and drag based.

PRICE – Monthly subscription $97 or $297

14 DAY Free Trial

is click funnels worth it


This product/online tool can save you monthly fees to multiple online marketing tools and also stream line the process of building a small website that includes all the processes you need to convert your leads. They provide pre compiled themes auto responders and the option to track customers flowing through the funnel so you can change adapt and perfect your funnel.

I am sure there are many business and online marketers out their who will also contribute positive testimonials to click funnels. Here is Garrett J White talking about his business Wake up Warrior and how his membership website performs using Click funnels. So do not just take my word for it click funnels is worth it.

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Free BrewDog beer!!

futurephoto brewdog tour

Craft beer brewer BrewDog are giving away 1 million bottles of beer and one could be yours.

Do you want to try BrewDog without paying for that first BrewDog IPA? First you need to read this blog post. Naaaaaaaa just kidding You can head over to BrewDog and grab your self a free beer, then come back and read the rest of this post and leave your comments and how you found the taste of your first brew dog beer!!!!

I have chosen to continue to write and include this blog post about brew dog in my online marketing section as I believe their online marketing and marketing techniques have been unique and instrumental to their massive success. What they have done proves to me with the right various methods combined their online marketing strategies are by far the best. For instance their Videos are brilliant,

the brand has grown into something huge, their online presence is ginormous, their content is creative and original. This is all stuff I am being taught while continuing with an online marketing course, but is what I’m being taught all wrong? because as quoted from the BrewDog Blog and James Watt one of the founders of BrewDog  “F**K the rules” ” We didn’t know how things were meant to be done so we just did things our own way”. This just proves two guys very local to the area I grew up can make a huge impressive business where the world is soon to become dominated by BrewDog I am sure of it.
His book is on order and out for delivery as I type!

BrewDog started life brewing from a shed in 2007 and grew into a small distillery in a town called Fraserburgh in the north-east of Scotland, which has now moved into a larger and ever-expanding facility in Ellon. They have also increased their brewery’s and have more based around the world with I’m sure more to come. It started out as the ideas of James Watt and Martin Dickie they created a unique brand of craft beer and began to market it with some different ideas that I personally think would take some beating, these included a tank in London, beer brewed under the sea, bottles stuffed inside some dead animals helicopters with cats and hotels with your very own beer tap in your room. I almost forgot they have been brewing some of the worlds strongest and most expensive beers one of which had 55% and sold for £500 a bottle and again almost forgetting the beer named Elvis juice gained some attention from Elvis Presley’s people putting them in the papers again when both founders changed their names to Elvis, originally losing the fight to keep they name but later having the vote over turned and “Elvis Juice” prevailed.

The naming of their beer is original and well very unusual things like “The end of history”, “Tactical nuclear penguin”, “Elvis Juice”, “Dead Pony Club”, “Jack Hammer” and “Kingpin” to name but a few of the ever-growing list of beer they produce. These are also now being distributed from their bars with over 30 in the UK alone the international list has grown to over 15 and rising with America, Brazil, Germany, Finland, Japan and Sweden all included. The Australia brewery is set to open in 2019 so I can only imagine there will be more bars to follow.

They encouraged people to invest in their business with the equity for punks scheme which was a crowdfunding idea and was the first to raise over 1million, this allowed them to grow and grow. I am personally invested and enjoy my discount on beer in their bars even spending a whole day in the new Ellon brewery bar enjoying a game of monopoly with friends. The day out was rare for my wife and I having three children now, the game of monopoly even rarer.
At Christmas at their Ellon brewery we had a great experience for the whole family when we they invite people along to some live music stalls and activities, and a visit with Santa. My children had a great time ice skating and enjoyed seeing Santa, the activities were free and they even managed to hold some owls and visit some reindeer. Some of the stalls also included some smaller local craft beers from the local reign helping them to grow their businesses. If you live close to Ellon don’t forget to give the tour of the brewery a go makes a great day out with the lads.

Their love of dogs creates a very different work culture allowing employee’s schedules to bring their dogs to work with them and even by your beloved pooch that share in BrewDog he deserves. Will the next beer be dog friendly and allow your furry friend enjoy a pint with you while out for a walk??

What they have done is pave the way for craft beer in the UK and with their expanding business to various contents around the world and investment from ………… are still rapidly growing.
They don’t just create beer and have broadened the market reach by creating gin and vodka under the LoneWolf name. If you haven’t sampled their beer I can recommend it and often enjoy a punk IPA or elvis juice when I am out and about on those rare child free evenings with the better half and yes I do still recommend them after a few too many and the day after.

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Grab your free beer here remember to drink responsibly and in moderation.