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Out with the old in with the New.

November, December and January.

So it’s been a busy end to 2018 and a very busy start to 2019, things are looking good for 2019 with lots of planning being put in place.

The end of 2018 was very interesting and a new joint venture is on the horizon which is great for futurephoto and drone operations more about that in the coming months.

With the weather being poor and the dark nights setting in this allowed me to focus on family over the festive period and get out with the DSLR for lots of much needed portrait practice. (Check out the gallery here)

Another big help and something I have found to be great fun is the free GuruShots this is a photography game running competitions for various categories, its helped a great deal to see if my pictures are liked by others. With options to swap your pictures throughout the competitions factored in you, its proved to me that some pictures I like, other people like different ones better. Highlighting everyone has different tastes. The algorithm within GuruShots claims to give each picture the same amount of exposure time weather the picture was added at the beginning or the end of the competition. I can recommend this app as not only has it helped me think more creatively because to help your pictures along the way and throughout the competition you are required to vote on other peoples pictures exposing you too the other creative photographers out there. Scoring points and competing in more and more competitions sees you climbing the ranks from newbie, rookie, challenger, advanced, veteran, expert, champion, master and finally reaching the tops stop of GURU.

Why not join the fun and have a shot for your self. “You have amazing photos! play with me on GuruShots.”

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July, August, September & October Update

futurephoto drone user magazine

Just writing the title of this post has made me realise how busy its been, time fly’s by when you’re having fun.

So July and August saw me have to contend with the school holidays as they were in full swing when I get back from offshore, these involved balancing Caravan holidays, entertaining my 3 kids while squeezing in golf and of course not forgetting drone flying time certainly was great. The weather has really come through this summer up here in the north-east of Scotland allowing me to get some 3D modelling practice with the drone and some fine HDR snaps have been the main objectives.  Along with making 3D models the various apps also allow you to create maps, to further understand this I have got myself booked on course to help create valuable data for potential clients. The course is provided by ARC Aerial Imaging and of course I will include a blog post all about it when I have attended mid November.

September involved Joining Drone Safe Register has been a great networking tool and helped get me a feature in drone user magazine which has been a huge step in the right direction for my self and my business Futurephoto. So please check out the online magazine which is free and available online. You can catch up on my featured case study here

futurephoto drone user magazine

October has seen me back in the office rather than living the offshore life, which is great home every night definitely has its benefits and allows me to work on improvements and services I am able to offer more clients, but it is now the end of October Halloween to be precise and the weather has certainly turned, dark nights, wind & rain will not make it easy to get out with the drone but I will be persistent this is when  having my night permissions will come in very handy. This next few months main aim will be to get out and capture some night shots.

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Start of summer 2018

So May has been a very busy month, kidney kid’s Scotland weekend with the family where we learnt a lot about my eldest son’s condition, this was an excellent and most appreciated weekend that was perfectly organised and very informative. It was time to enjoy the 3 nights in Amsterdam booked via with my better half all while squeezing in my dad taxi duties, golf (which is getting worse), some photography and my continued training for a triathlon but before I knew what had hit me it was now June and time I head back to the grind offshore. On a plus note I have now been stopped smoking cigarettes for 3 months and still going strong and the weather we had through my whole 26 days at home was great the kids where hardly inside apart from sleeping. Unfortunately somethings in life are keeping me away from the drone business but I cannot complain as my full time employment is very busy and still allows me time to research the cryptocurrency markets, and a few other things I enjoy while away at sea. Life certainly could be a lot worse.

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£15 cash back on 15 voucher code promotion

I have used on many occasions spread over a few year period, for various locations and properties. Most recently a trip to Edinburgh where I used a promotion for £15 cash back. What I had to do was use the link supplied, select my destination, hotel, B&B or apartment, which i booked, when i had completed my stay and checked out within the next few days had the option to claim back my £15 cash which of course I did. This was then refunded to my credit card job done.

So here is the offer for anyone of you to use, you will get £15 cash back once you have booked via this link – carried out you visit/stay and checked out, It really was that simple.

Now the reason I  found the website to be great when looking for a hotel, apartment or B&B was the map  selection as this allows me to search round a location or area for hotels with prices, you can of course narrow down this even more with the advanced options down the left hand side, rating, room type, etc. The reason I liked this so much was it gives you reference and a better idea of distance from city center, landmarks and so on.Take for example Amsterdam a location I am taking the better half. I choose to be close to Amsterdam central station and you can see all the prices of hotels or B&B’s in that location. search and map page

  1. Book using this referral link,
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  3. Check out & the receive the £15 reward (Sent via

I am unsure of how many people this will work with and if the link does no longer work please let me know by leaving a comment below.

Happy Holidays! 15 voucher code promotion

P.s I do receive a small commission from but it is paid directly by them and does not affect your booking price!

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My first personal post

Although I have started pulling together some blog posts relating to how I got started with my drone business, my learning with the shaw academy and their ultimate online marketing program as well as studying their professional diploma in photography I haven’t posted a blog post for the last 4 weeks. I thought I would make this one a personal one, as usual I traveled home from Brazil in the middle of March from my full time employment in the oil industry and got back to my wife and three children which was brilliant, The next three weeks included me stopping smoking (with the help of the below book and something i never really believed could work.) , playing a few rounds of golf at Fraserburgh golf club, running a couple of 10km, going to the swimming pool once a week as well as cycling. This is all in preparation for my first triathlon which I hope to take part in this year in aid of kidney kids scotland who have helped many people, including my family. Speaking of family my last week at home was spent enjoying the first week of the Easter holidays with the family so it has been a busy month personally with very little work done for Futurephoto, apart from my continued study and receiving my approved operations manual and PFCO back from the CAA, which is great and sets me up for another year of approved commercial drone operations. But now I write this as I head back to Brazil and not for a holiday. It’s on with the daily slog offshore in Brazil when everyday becomes the same and the only way I can help to find pass my free time is to  update my blog posts and website.

Stop smoking

My recommendation to stop smoking