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Commercial Drone Training

Commercial Drone Training
Overall Ranking: 10 out of 10
Price: Various around £1250
Owners: Michael Green


The commercial drone training school is a registered NQE national qualification entity recognised by the CAA Civil aviation authority that regulates UK airspace. They provide various levels of training and help with the operations manual and submission to the CAA for your PFCO permission for commercial operations. The training school I visited was based in Newton abbot Devon.


The commercial drone training school provides excellent flexibility and options for your training requirements. They provide the opportunity to take part in various workshops that are very relevant to the different options a drone business could provide. The workshops are well taught and great for a drone operator looking to set up and operate a drone business in the UK.

The option to stay onsite and socialise with the instructors and fellow students while having your evening meal after your training for the day has ended is great, the possibility of a few beers or glass of wine at night works even better.

The food included is good and I very much doubt you will be left asking for more.


The training is targeted towards the beginner right through to the advanced pilot basically anyone who is looking to gain their PFCO. It doesn’t matter your background they will ensure you are happy before the flight test and certainly cover what is required for the ground school. This is a vital part of operating a commercial drone business so you want to make it count. Through my own personal experience I can highly recommend them. My class included a variety of different people from very different career paths personal security, video production, photographer, construction, fire services.  Some looking to add drone services to their already developed companies and people like my self who wanted to start out in the commercial drone business.  


Ground School, Flight assessment and Operations manual are the three factors a lot of drone training providers will offer. Commercial drone training go further and the training can be tailored to your every need but even better there are free workshops included in the 5 day training. The free workshops include: Drone Deploy, PIX4D, Aerial Survey, Litche, 360 Panoramas, Showreel production and real life roof survey scenario which is very beneficial especially if  you are unsure which direction to take your Drone business these free workshops certainly help to broaden your skill set.

The Training material provided is more than adequate to get you through your ground school assessment. Very easy to follow powerpoint presentation and PDF handouts. Safety is taken seriously, they will teach you the correct rules to follow which documents and records need to be kept as well as the do’s and dont’s.

Another benefit of CDT is they provide drones for you to use when you attend the training. I found this to be a great way to test a few drones I had never had the opportunity to fly before. The drones they had to offer where the DJI Phantom, Mavick and inspire. This would be great to assist anyone chooseing a drone as they may need or require a different one depending on the operation they choose.

You can of course take and use your own drone but please make sure you have the correct insurance in place. If you use one of the drones supplied they are covered under the training schools insurance.


The instructors are very well presented with a sound teaching ability. They spend the time required on each point and if your struggle they are more than happy to go that little bit extra until you understand. Mike is also very quick to answer e-mails from me with questions I had after the course was complete.


There are various pricing schedules and options available on their website. If you were like me and wanted to learn as much as you can I would recommend staying the 5 nights and doing the 5 day training. I stayed the night before as I drove about 600 miles from north of Scotland to get to the training facilities.

My Choice was:£1250 – Full Course, Flight Test, Workshops with 5 nights in single room with shared facilities and 3 meals per day (arrival day before the course).

Night flight assessment is available at an extra cost which I decided to take part in and was good fun. £150


Picture of me completing some practice flying time on the training ground.

After having a look at various drone training providers I found Commercial drones training pricing to be very competitive with the added benefit of 5 days training free workshops lots of help and I was more than able to walk away after the 5 days feeling very confident that I had the paperwork planning in hand as well as the skills required to fly the drone. I was very satisfied I had covered enough and had received very good value for money.

 The price for the 5 days (4Nights) depends on the room type you select. I choose the basic which had a bed a desk and shared toilet facilities with access to a shared kitchen. This is all I need as I did not spend too much time in my room as I liked to take advantage of the social aspect (beer). If you like the finer things in life and prefer your own space I would recommend upgrading. The meals provided where good portion size and more than an adequate selection was available to cater to my needs.

Teachers are very good class room a very good size and the flight training ground is ideal with cracking view over the countryside. DO take very war clothing and decent walking boots as with anywhere you can’t predict the weather.

Overall I would highly recommend the CDT through my own personal experience they provided what I expected and more.

If you would like to ask me any questions about this review please leave a comment below. If you would like to learn more about commercialdronetraining you can visit their website www.commercialdronetraining.co.uk or email them directly info@commercialdronetraining.co.uk


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