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Creating a Time-lapse

Shooting or capturing a time-lapse for the first time can really help you understand the transition from photography to videography. I found it helpful to gain an understanding of the basic fundamentals like what size of picture (frame) I could capture, how many pictures (frames) I could capture over a period, how many of these pictures (frames) would I have at the end and finally how many of these pictures (frames) should be displayed a second (fps- Frame Rate).
  1. The size of picture I.e. how many pixels dictated the Image quality and determines the output HD, UHD and 4K etc.
  2. Working out how many pictures you can capture or will have at the end can be dictated by a few factors like camera battery life, what it is you are capturing, what you would like the final timelaps to look like etc

An example I can run through with you is a short one I created with a go-pro. The go pro I used could take a maximum size of image of 2592 x 1944 so the resolution would be 5Mega pixel.

The next point I took into consideration was the length of clip I required 30 secs. I wanted to display the images captured at 25 fps meaning that each clip picture would be displayed for 0.04 of a second. I did the following maths 30 secs x 25 fps = 750, the amount of images I needed. Luckily my go-pro battery lasted about 3.5 hours, again I did some more maths 3.5hrs x 60mins = 210 mins. therefore 210/0.5 (30secs) = 420 pictures, so you can see i am over half way there giving me room for a little editing as the building process i wanted to capture was going to be over 2 days leaving me with a final total of 844 images.

Having all the images batch edited and organised with the same settings is also very important as you can see from above you may end up with a lot of images for a very short clip. Adobe Lightroom is great for this it allows you to organise and edit large amounts of images at the same time. I made sure to rename all of my images in a sequence style.
Timelaps with lightroom
I now used premier pro, this allows you to create and edit a time-lapse with ease, select import and choose your file location, with the first picture selected and the sequence box checked you are good to import. the images will be automatically compiled into a time-lapse.
Once you have the time-lapse imported, select editing at the top, drag the clip to the sequence bar bottom right, then sequence on the very top tool bar and sequence settings, this will allow you to choose frame rate etc.
You can now check the FPS and Size quality of your images add music etc. Once happy output your time-lapse and share with everyone.
Here is one I created with a go-pro and over 800 images. The go pro was set to capture an image every 30 seconds and was taken over 2 days the battery lasted about 4 hours.

I hope this helps you create a great little time-lapse which can be used to document so many​ things. Good Luck

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