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Drone Red Tape

drone red tape

There are a few reason I have given up providing a drone service and since moved all my focus towards being online. COVID-19 hasn’t helped one bit but the more and more red tape surrounding the industry is becoming farcical.

I understand & agree with the safety aspects but the red-tape, confusion and hoops these days can take the joy and spontaneity from flying and having fun. Having to plan / travel  / wait for hours to fly for 10/15/30 minutes, the effort does not seem worth it for me now. I’m glad some do persevere and share their work as I like to see great footage and pics of historic or beautiful places from the air. I feel with all the rules and regs these have done what they set out to do, slow the gold rush and keep us safer, but also feel they have taken away the joy.

The mavericks and ones who plead ignorant will continue to ignore the rules therefore making it even more regulated in the end. I see footage on YouTube daily that looks to break many rules, it’s happening because it is so tempting and easy to do so. On many drone forums, people are saying the same. We do not want to put anyone/thing in danger or fly illegally but let’s be honest sometimes a beauty spot or coastline or countryside begs to be droned! “Stop the car… that looks great, let’s get the drone out” would have been a favorite but these days with many drone “experts” waiting to jump on any post its not worth the hassel.

That being said i will continue to fly as a hobbyist and have the most fun possible following the drone code.

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