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drone deploy - my review

DroneDeploy – My Review

Overall Ranking: 8-10
Price: FreeTrial & Subscription
Co-Founders: Jono Millin, Michael Winn, Nicholas Pilkington
Website:  www.dronedeploy.com 

Drone Deploy is an app that allows turns your drone into a 3d modelling, mapping agricultural scanning machine. It has been developed in LA but over the last couple of years has gained serious momentum. What it can do is brilliant and even more so that when you set up what you want to do. It can be programmed so the drone will take off, fly the required path to acquire the data and land autonomously. From 2013 to 2018 drone deploy has raised $56 Million in funding the most recent being 25 million from 6 investors: Scale Venture Partners, AngelPad, Emergence Capital Partners, AirTree Ventures, Invenergy Future Fund & Uncork Capital.

Their aim with the newly acquired funding is “expanding their ecosystem of over 80 platform apps and integrations, and accelerating a series of industry-focused solutions,” says a company release.

DroneDeploy App Market
DroneDeploy app market has allowed them to partner with many products and services and these are now available to today drone market. The app market has over 80 apps available paid & free which allows data to be used / transferred easily between them.
The apps they have available help to produce the complete the commercial drone flight work flow smooth and efficient:
Verifly – Insurance provider to ensure you’re covered when you fly.
Airmap – Airspace awareness so you understand the airspace you’re operating in.
Dronebase – A go to app to link to the customer to the provider.
AutoDesk – A desktop solution to further edit and enhance your data.
Skyward – Export your flight logs and keep your log book up-to-date.
PDF Annotation Report – Create and produce annotated pictures to include in your PDF Reports.
SidebySide – Compare present and previously created maps side by side to help highlight improvements or changes.
Sketch fab – this app allows you to view your 3D models and images.
White Clouds – Turn your 3D images into 3D printed models.

Who is it for?
The DroneDeploy app is aimed at small to large commercial pilot operations; it can be used in house by companies or small service providers. It has proven by to be a real game changer and turns what was once seen as a toy into a great tool. I have personally used the app and found it very easy to use.

My personal Review of DroneDeploy
You can try the software for free, so get out and start madding maps playing with the autonomous flying modes and see what great fun you can have. It can be scary at first watching your drone fly off into the distance but mine did return and I managed to get some nice map overlays.  Be very careful of your surroundings and watch for any telephone wires and power cables etc, even though some drone have sensing capabilities these can be missed by the drone.

Real Time Drone Mapping
A new feature drone deploy offer to assist in speed and delivery methods, no need to down load from SD card to upload and wait on processing, your clients have the opportunity to view

They offer great online tech support and help, you can contact them almost 24/7 and they will endeavour to get back to you as soon as humanly possible. They provide the user with video tutorials and reading materials as well as online webinars from industry professions to help you understand what they want and what you can provide them. This is all great information assisting you with that sales pitch to new clients.


  • Free 14 day trail– get out ther and get flying in 14 days i had everything I needed practiced from setting up a mission on my computer, or getting to location planning the flight and off it goes automated and handsfree. I sat back and watched it carry out the flightpath.
  • $83Pro membership – Monthly
  • $243 Business membership – Monthly
  • Custom pricing – available for enterprise members.

Final Opinion

Overall I found Drone Deploy quite easy to use and the app and computer interface is great. The processing time of small projects was quick and with the new app market viewing your images or transferring the data is pretty seamless.

Drone Deploy give you a great trial period so do not hesitate to miss the opportunity to at least give it a try. See what it’s like, get in the valuable practice you can save your work and show it to building contractors, farmers, groundwork firms. You are offering a valuable asset a view of their work sight they probably could not see otherwise.

You really get the feeling DroneDeploy want all of it users to succeed, there is still the personal start-up company feel none of that corporate bull you may have to deal with from other set-ups.

Disclaimer and Advice: If you are a small drone service provider I would recommend you do not advertise your services as a surveyor or crop survey expert remember these services often require licenses/qualifications and certification. With drone deploy you can offer great services but be truthful and do not claim to be something you are not. You could team up with the professions, you have spent time & money to become a qualified drone pilot so you can bring something to the table they cannot. Read more about Drone Mapping

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