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Futurephoto MDB Marine hi-vis vest drone safety

Drone safety tips for your business

Futurephoto hi-vis vest drone safety

Safety is one of the most important things not only to stop people from getting hurt but to manage a good reputation. A compromise in safety can lead to injury, damage and loss of reputation which a small drone business or any business for that matter cannot afford. Many industry’s adopt a safety culture where there minimum standards can be developed. As a minimum the drone industry the drone code should be followed. As the industry has grown it is obvious people take silly risks to get that one video or picture, these risks put other people’s life’s in danger especially when flown near passenger aircraft. This can be done intentionally or when he rules to in place to follow and respect rules are unknown. When a consumer purchases a drone for the first they can be nervous and hesitant with their drone to protect and not damage it, but as like with everyday life when you become confident you start to push the boundaries, in the drones case flying to its maximum distance and height using only your tablet or phone to view, this can cause problems as now you no longer have VLOS or visual line of sight and unaware of your surroundings only to find an electricity wire will bring a quick end to your drone. Wind can be another fact when pushing the limits you may find the wind speed further away or between buildings soon take hold or your drone and suddenly you have a fly away where the drone may end up.

Below are some Drone Safety Tips:

  • Carry out a pre-site survey/ risk assessment
  • Check your airspace
  • Check for NOTAMs on the day of mission/flight
  • Make sure everything is updated and fully charged (Tablet/computer/Controller)
  • Make sure you have the correct insurance
  • Barrier off your take-off and landing zone
  • Use a fully charged battery before every flight, Check your home point is updated and calibrate your drone at each location
  • Display your signs, having a second person to explain the task and watch the barriered area can be advantageous.
  • Maintain the correct distance from people and structures
  • Always maintain Visual line of sight, watching the display can distract you from and obvious collision.

Disclaimer: These are some personal Drone Safety Tips i can offer but as always it is up to you to make sure you are

following the correct practices and laws.

When training for your  permission for commercial operations you will be shown the correct way to plan and risk asses your jobs and evaluate all the information to make the educated decision if the job is safe to carry out. The minimum equipment you require will be documented within your operations manual.

  • Hi-Vis Vests
  • Hard Hat
  • Safety Glasses
  • Cut resistant gloves
  • LiPo Bags
  • Take-Off mat
  • Fire Blanket/Fire Extinguisher for electronic equipment
  • Barrier tape
  • Signs
  • Cones Pop up one’s are a popular choice
  • First Aid Kit

Other Safety Equipment has been designed to enhance the safety culture for the drone industry, this may also assist when applying for exemptions as certain requirements from clients maybe risk assessed as too dangerous without taking the extra precautions. Examples of this equipment could be:

  • Drone Parachute – One of the first ideas you may come up with would be a parachute and there is a few providers out there, Mars Parachute’s probably being one of the most popular. You could also try ParaZero and their SafeAir system. Both of these companies offer a solution for most if not all types of drones on the market.
  • Drone Safety Tether- This allows your drone to be tethered to a ground control unit which can provide power to the drone and allows the drone to hold its position in very strong winds. Drone aviation corp provide specifically designed tether drones and also have a tether system called Fuse


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