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Haggis Hunting Scotland

The haggis is native to Scotland, there are various different haggis types e.g. Lewis haggis, Hebridean Haggis, Urban Haggis, lowlands haggis, vegetarian haggis all of which can be found in various places. You may be offered a haggis bred in captivity (vegetarian haggis) while touring round Scotland these can be nice but have lost some of that free range wild taste they get when out in the fresh Scottish air.

Some may argue the hunting season should begin from 12th of August “Glorious 12th” the start of the Grouse season or from November 30th St Andrews day up to the 25th of January “Burn’s Night”. The fate of the haggis would traditionally involve the Haggis being piped (bagpipes) into the room served on a silver salver, the poem Ode to the Haggis being recited before the haggis is cut using the ceremonial knife. To keep with tradition this would have been “men only” burns supper with plenty of whisky on offer.

But there is no hunting official season for haggis and it is very much a year round sport which can be great fun for all involved and a recommended hunting time to capture your first haggis would be while enjoying a wee walk on one of Scotland’s glorious mountains! What about while taking a whisky tour round Scotland. Catching one of the pesky wee buggers next to a distillery is almost like winning the jackpot the combination of whisky and haggis taste is extravagant. This is often attributed to the local river used to produce the whisky and also where the haggis could be quenching its thirst, either in the river or while scavenging round the whisky stores nibbling on the large casks or barrels attempting to get at that precious whisky.

As you may or may not know whisky is produced using two main ingredients water and malted barley (Malt Whisky), if different grains are used it can and will often be blended to create a higher alcohol volume from the grain whisky and the taste from the malted barley, which again can depend on the area you hunt the pesky bugger, he may have a strong taste for the malt barley whisky or a higher tolerance which would require a stronger whisky.Scottish haggis capture kit

After many years of attempting to capture a haggis, a kit that helps and assist in many ways, not only to get that pesky wee bit wobbly on his odd sized legs and drunk. This kit has been brought together to increase the chances of capturing that first haggis. All the instructions are included in the box. Tip: take a small shovel if you place the ingredients in a hole it can help keep the pesky we bugger contained due to their short legs! Buy your Kit HERE!!!


#haggisdrunk – Was created in reference to drinking to much alcohol causing temporary loss/functionality of your legs which can often lead to injury. This is also a technique used to capture the wild Scottish haggis supplying them with too much alcohol so they are unable to escape capture. You read it here first!!!!!!





make haggis great again

Make Haggis Great Again- Donald trump has Scottish roots from his mother Mary Anne MacLeod (Born 1912) and who is from the isle of Lewis an island located in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, His mother grew up in Tong(Tunga) 4 miles from Stornoway. She left for New York at 18 in 1930, 6 years later married trumps father and they had 5 children together one of which Donald, who was the 4th. He since returned back to the family home in 2008.

Also with a love business and making money, the self-claimed Billionaire owns golf courses in Scotland, One which his company built; Trump international Links located in Balmedie Aberdeenshire and one which he bought Turnberry in Ayrshire both great Links courses.  We at Drunk Haggis love some controversy and Donald history and presidency has a lot of that!!

Back to Stornoway which is quite famous for its black pudding but here at Drunk Haggis we love our haggis, so do not forget to compliment your brilliant Stornoway BlackPudding with some. MacLeod and MacLeod 1931 – Church St Stornoway & Charles MacLeod 1947, Ropework park, Stornoway both produce Stornoway black pudding but more importantly they supply HAGGIS!!!!

Links to both of these butchers who can supply online:

Haggis Hurling- is claimed to be invention of Tom Farmer in 1977. Tom is the ex-president of the haggis hurling association and claimed it to be created as a practical joke for the Edinburgh Highland Games. The entrants must stand on a pedestal (whisky Barrel) and launch the haggis with accuracy and distance; the haggis construction must be traditional with no extra weighting or skin. The sporting haggis weighs 500grams (heavy weight in the region of 850grams) both have an 18cm diameter and 22cm length.

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