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This is my very first crypto currency post, about my first ICO investment.

This was a very interesting concept and I really liked the idea of greener mining. As I work in one of the biggest industry’s that people will relate to pollution and after watching Al Gores new documentary “An inconvenient Sequel” I have come to realise that climate change is something very real and does effect the world. Maybe I have previously just buried my head in the sand so to speak, as I work and earn my income from the big oil machine.

I invested in there ICO using a small amount of ETH I purchased on Coinbase which I found straightforward and very simple being based in the UK. I then transferred the ether to Meta Mask and from there to the ICO. In return I received their tokens back to my Meta Mask wallet. Along with tokens they offer a great reward program that pays out in dividends:

As they have reached over 40Million USD now there projected return on investment should be fulfilled. You will also need to follow their registration process and are required to have the following:

  1. Full Name
  2. Wallet Address
  3. Phone-Number
  4. E-Mail Address
  5. Residential Address

If you are from the USA you will require extra documentation but this I am unsure of.

There project involves building mobile mining units which can be placed beside environmentally friendly solar, wind turbine power delivery systems which can power their units therefore mining coins with green energy. According to their press releases they have also arranged contracts with these energy providers for cheaper electricity.

I believe in this project a swiss based blockchain startup who has based there office in berlin Germany.The team they have created has a good strong knowledge and they have a great following and are very active in promoting their product.

Note* I am not an investment specialist this is only a guide on a project which I invested. Like an ICO this is the beginning of a company’s journey and risks are involved.

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