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Flock Cover

flockcover Insurance

FlockCover Drone insurance
Owners: CEO – Ed Leon Klinger, Founder – Antton Pena
Website: www.Flockcover.com

Price: Starting from £5 Pay As You Fly 

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Flock was the plan of Antton pena while studying for his master degree in Technology science at London’s data science institute. Ed the CEO graduated from Cambridge after completing a master’s degree in technology policy and joined Flock as CEO as he had focused his interests to the drone industry and reducing flight risks.

Flocks Policy – “Flock strives to bridge the gap between today’s insurance and tomorrow’s technology.”

Flock partnered with Allianz one of the worlds largest insurance companies who has a huge experience in the aviation industry. Allianz are the underwriter so you can be assured they can provide EC785/2004 compliant pay-as-you-fly insurance cover for your drone and business. This is all done from your phone or tablet in minutes and is available on both IOS and Android.


The insurance policy is targeted at both recreational and commercial drone pilots. I personally feel the app will greatly benefit all drone service providers, because when you provide a site survey of the clients location you can open the app fill in a few details and receive a quote instantly displayed on your phone or tablet instantly knowing if the flight is possible and what the cost of your insurance will be.


The app is very easy to use as flock state Tap, Tap, Take Off, it will combine real-time data like weather conditions, nearby schools, airports, NOTAMS all valuable information which can help confirm the flight is possible.

Once you have set-up and  registered your account, you open the app follow the 5 steps:

  • Step 1=Cover duration 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours,
  • Step 2=Public Liability insurance Limit (1M,2M, 5M or 10Million)
  • Step 3 = Confirm your policy by accepting you have read their terms and conditions,
  • Step 4 Fill in policy holder Name,
  • Step 5 = Enter your payment details.

I had this all done within 5 Minutes.



Another great idea and initial cost saving for any commercial drone pilot when you are applying for your PFCO they can provide a cover note to submit without having to upfront any payment. This is supplied on the pretence you will register your drone and use their insurance for the year.



So far from what I can see and the few places I have been to test out the pricing it seems very reasonable. If I where to do on average 2 flights (jobs) a month and need 8 hour cover for each I would be looking at roughly £10.99 for each using a DJI Mavic pro. £263.76 a year a price i personally consider very reasonable.

Don’t forget you can use the FUTUREPHOTOL referral code.

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Notes taken from: http://www.agcs.allianz.com/global-offices/united-kingdom/news-press-uk/agcs-flock-partnership & Flock Media pack.

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