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Forex online trading

Forex online trading was something I never thought I would be able to understand. In fact any sort of trading for that matter all these crazy charts and meanings i thought it was something that only “Wall Street guys” got into or could understand. This proved not to be the case, it’s actually something quite interesting and fun yes it could be a gamble but with the right help and pointers in the correct direction anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

FOREX, Also known as FX, Foreign exchange or currency trading is a decentralized global market where the world currencies trade. The FOREX market is a large liquid market with an average trading of $3.5 Trillion a day.

Foreign exchange is very similar to something you would do when you go off on holiday, change a EUR for a USD and so on but now people use this market place to make money. What they try and do is get the fluctuation in currency right buy when it’s down and sell when it’s up. So the currencies are sold in pairs.

You have to be aware there are obviously dangers and money can be lost but if you play the game right money gains can be made.

Having a plan and keeping note of what you have made is very important, you don’t want to rush in and make a few mistakes you want to take your time educate yourself. If you lose a trade, don’t rush back in and try to make the money back when the adrenaline is pumping, step back and think about what you are doing. Be honest and admit defeat if you lose a trade and come back the next day being honest about what you know or don’t know.

Unfortunately  Census FX who I first got involved with are no longer trading but a man than can help you out is Jonathan at JGJ trading who provides educational trading and help, you can find his contact details on their website  http://www.jgjtrading.co.uk or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/JGJTrading.

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