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Free affiliate marketing training program

I came across this great free affiliate training program, they provide you with a video everyday for 12 days to follow their step by step walk through of how to build various pages, e-mail auto responders etc. The affiliate program is all based around click funnels which is a web service which can provide various customers with a sales funnel that is easy and quick to create. It was a great free way to try and understand what is involved in affiliate marketing if you are completely new to the whole concept like I was.

I am going to be completely honest and say the advert that prompted me to click, was 100 person signed up lists is the target!!!! = 4k a month and car paid. after all who the heck does not want 4K a month and a car lease paid for every month.

Remember this course is completely free and their are no strings attached, its worth just signing up for taking notes and going off to do your own thing if that is really what you want.

The course break down:

Day 1:Looking for previously created content that can help get you started and practice the click funnels system? Then sign up and get involved with the click funnels Affiliate program which includes affiliate boot camp training for free. 12 days of e-mails each day. Then 1 day a week concentrate on an offer and work towards each goal.

Day 2: Create action funnel, set up e-mails to products x 3

Day 3: Design first landing page, setup override so leads go to Affiliate offer.

Day 4: Build list of 100 influencers

Day 5: Set up Facebook ad account and business page. Set up first ad.

Day 6: Use audience insight tool, create target audience, set budget

Day 7: Run campaign

Day 8: Do a Facebook live video, Add call to action and set-up ad, run traffic to FB live video and optimise for traffic or video.

Day 9: Find podcasts create landing page add more to your list

Day 10: Find video with a lot of views, create a thank you page with the video, hook it up with your action funnel.

Sign up clients and become a certified partner to sell funnels to clients.

Day 11: Pick a niche build a funnel, share the funnel link for free and hook it all into your action funnel.

Day 12: Set up pixel on your pages and funnels, Create custom audience based on pixel data, set up a lookalike audience from what is based on your page. (Facebook tool Pixel)

Sign up now

Click funnels free affiliate boot camp

If you are unsure of what click funnels is you can Read my review of click funnels and why i believe they are worth it! READ NOW

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