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Free BrewDog beer!!

Craft beer brewer BrewDog are giving away 1 million bottles of beer and one could be yours.

Do you want to try BrewDog without paying for that first BrewDog IPA? First you need to read this blog post. Naaaaaaaa just kidding You can head over to BrewDog and grab your self a free beer, then come back and read the rest of this post and leave your comments and how you found the taste of your first brew dog beer!!!!

I have chosen to continue to write and include this blog post about brew dog in my online marketing section as I believe their online marketing and marketing techniques have been unique and instrumental to their massive success. What they have done proves to me with the right various methods combined their online marketing strategies are by far the best. For instance their Videos are brilliant,

the brand has grown into something huge, their online presence is ginormous, their content is creative and original. This is all stuff I am being taught while continuing with an online marketing course, but is what I’m being taught all wrong? because as quoted from the BrewDog Blog and James Watt one of the founders of BrewDog  “F**K the rules” ” We didn’t know how things were meant to be done so we just did things our own way”. This just proves two guys very local to the area I grew up can make a huge impressive business where the world is soon to become dominated by BrewDog I am sure of it.
His book is on order and out for delivery as I type!

BrewDog started life brewing from a shed in 2007 and grew into a small distillery in a town called Fraserburgh in the north-east of Scotland, which has now moved into a larger and ever-expanding facility in Ellon. They have also increased their brewery’s and have more based around the world with I’m sure more to come. It started out as the ideas of James Watt and Martin Dickie they created a unique brand of craft beer and began to market it with some different ideas that I personally think would take some beating, these included a tank in London, beer brewed under the sea, bottles stuffed inside some dead animals helicopters with cats and hotels with your very own beer tap in your room. I almost forgot they have been brewing some of the worlds strongest and most expensive beers one of which had 55% and sold for £500 a bottle and again almost forgetting the beer named Elvis juice gained some attention from Elvis Presley’s people putting them in the papers again when both founders changed their names to Elvis, originally losing the fight to keep they name but later having the vote over turned and “Elvis Juice” prevailed.

The naming of their beer is original and well very unusual things like “The end of history”, “Tactical nuclear penguin”, “Elvis Juice”, “Dead Pony Club”, “Jack Hammer” and “Kingpin” to name but a few of the ever-growing list of beer they produce. These are also now being distributed from their bars with over 30 in the UK alone the international list has grown to over 15 and rising with America, Brazil, Germany, Finland, Japan and Sweden all included. The Australia brewery is set to open in 2019 so I can only imagine there will be more bars to follow.

They encouraged people to invest in their business with the equity for punks scheme which was a crowdfunding idea and was the first to raise over 1million, this allowed them to grow and grow. I am personally invested and enjoy my discount on beer in their bars even spending a whole day in the new Ellon brewery bar enjoying a game of monopoly with friends. The day out was rare for my wife and I having three children now, the game of monopoly even rarer.
At Christmas at their Ellon brewery we had a great experience for the whole family when we they invite people along to some live music stalls and activities, and a visit with Santa. My children had a great time ice skating and enjoyed seeing Santa, the activities were free and they even managed to hold some owls and visit some reindeer. Some of the stalls also included some smaller local craft beers from the local reign helping them to grow their businesses. If you live close to Ellon don’t forget to give the tour of the brewery a go makes a great day out with the lads.

Their love of dogs creates a very different work culture allowing employee’s schedules to bring their dogs to work with them and even by your beloved pooch that share in BrewDog he deserves. Will the next beer be dog friendly and allow your furry friend enjoy a pint with you while out for a walk??

What they have done is pave the way for craft beer in the UK and with their expanding business to various contents around the world and investment from ………… are still rapidly growing.
They don’t just create beer and have broadened the market reach by creating gin and vodka under the LoneWolf name. If you haven’t sampled their beer I can recommend it and often enjoy a punk IPA or elvis juice when I am out and about on those rare child free evenings with the better half and yes I do still recommend them after a few too many and the day after.

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Grab your free beer here www.BrewDog.com remember to drink responsibly and in moderation.



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