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Futurephoto & MDB Marine

Futurephoto MDB Marine hi-vis vest drone safety

Futurephoto & MDB-Marine – Futurephoto LTD can work very closely with MDB marine who are a Micro/Mini ROV Service Company combining the two can result in the complete solution providing coverage of Air, land and Sea.

What is an ROV? An ROV is a Remotely Operated Vehicle, an unmanned under water vehicle for which many task can be completed without the need for a diver or dive team, therefore reducing costs and mitigating risk to personnel. The ROV is more often than not connected to the surface/vessel via an umbilical which will terminate at the main control station or Power cabin.

Most vessels involved in any Subsea work or intervention will have two work class ROV’s located on the port and starboard of the vessel. The equipment required for operations includes: A-Frame to lift on/off the vessel, a TMS Tether Management System , PDU power distribution unit and a Control Cabin not to mention the workshop and maintenance equipment. The work class systems are big bulky and used for heavy-duty operations, the mobilisations can take days and vessel required is large.

Why Use a Micro/Mini ROV?

The Micro ROV is a small compact system consisting of a suit case style control station with built-in power and communications, light and hand manageable tether system and an ROV which can be launched from any small vessel by hand. These systems can be mobilised and deployed within a matter of hours depending on travel etc. The Micro ROV’s have many applications throughout various industries some of which include:

  • Offshore Oil & Gas- With the increasing desire to ensure the safety of our people and environment, routine inspections of the infrastructure used in the drilling, transportation and storage of petrochemicals is crucial in today’s operations. Even when ocean conditions demand a large ROV for inspections, often Micro/Mini ROVs are used to monitor issues and condition of the larger ROVs without the hassle of bringing them to the deck by crane.
  • As found surveys. When you arrive on location for any reason a Micro/Mini ROV can be launched quickly and safely to survey and help determine the forward plan.
  • Underwater blasting – Fitted with blasting equipment supplied from surface the Micro/Mini ROV can stay underwater for hours or days without a break.
  • Temporary metallic surface repairs.
  • Fish farm inspections – look for breaches in cages and nets used in fish farming techniques.
  • Salvage operations
  • Port security inspections – Micro/Mini ROVs have been used to look for contraband on the side of ships entering foreign ports.
  • Environmental studies / Aquaculture infrastructure Inspection & survey – Soil sampling, water sampling, population monitoring, water quality assessment, invasive species monitoring… the list of tasks is almost endless and all of which the ROV can be adapted and modified to undertake these easily and affordably.
  • Water Tank Inspection, (Internal & External) – The mini/micro ROVs can be placed inside a tank and the pilot can perform a complete inspection, with anomalies being investigated more closely.
  • Hull Inspection – As ships travel through open water, ports, channels, and obstacles – scrapes, bangs, and collisions happen.Micro/Mini ROV’s makes it easy to investigate any suspected damage, or perform preventative monitoring.
  • Search and Rescue – When an accidents or incidents happen, Micro/Mini ROVs can help first responders locate and retrieve people and objects from the water.
  • Internal Pipe Inspection – Containment is critical to any operation, and breaches in culverts, drainage pipes, or any flow management systems within any industry can lead to undesired outcomes. Systematic inspection of water management pipelines to find potential issues and repair them before they become major problems.
  • Treasure Hunting and Underwater Archaeology – Ships, Airplanes, Snowmobiles, Autos and more seem to find their way into lakes, rivers and oceans. In complex or deep environments, the Micro/Mini ROVs are used to survey the situation below, and establish a strong plan of action before splashing a diver and expensive equipment. After all who doesn’t love a treasure Hunt!
  • Mine countermeasures – Micro/Mini ROV’s can be used for detection, classification, identification, and prosecution of mines and other explosive devices allowing for a greater level of undersea coverage while minimizing human risk.

Why Use MDB Marine?

MDB Marine is a company consisting of like-minded professionals who thrive on any challenge presented and are constantly seeking to find new, exciting and innovative solutions. With the use of micro ROV’s and their adaptability they have the ability to perform any inspection regime required, especially those in difficult locations. MDB Marine combine various years of experience developed in the harsh offshore environment which means all Inspections, video footage and high-definition stills are a professional result. Visit MDB-Marine for more information!

MDB Marine can supply various Micro/Mini ROV’s these include: Videoray Pro 4, Outland 1000, SAAB Seaeye Falcon and Falcon DR.

MDB Marine - Video ray pro 4 MDB Marine - Outland 1000MDB Marine - SAAB Seaeye FalconMDB Marine - SAAB Seaeye Falcon DR


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