Panorama 360’s

Panorama 360’s

360 Panoramas or 360 virtual tours are becoming more common and are the best way to allow potential customers or clients view your business or location. The great thing is these can be uploaded to google street view or Facebook, allowing people to come inside and take a look at your business without leaving the comfort of their home while browsing the internet on their phones, computer etc. They can bring your viewer into the centre of your picture where they can view the whole surrounding. These do involve taking a lot of pictures especially if you combine them with your HDR pictures to give you that extra vibrant look.

We can create aerial interactive panoramas for your business or home, below is an aerial panorama 360 with links to others for a 360 virtual tour of Fraserburgh and its surrounding area.

Please enlarge the panorama below and move round. The small pictures can be selected to move into the next panorama view.

[ipanorama id=”107″]

We can also add these panoramas to google local guides as this is a great place for potential customers to find you when searching for your locations. The picture displayed below has so far been viewed over 250,000 times so you can see the value having your business images displayed on google and the positive advertising you can gain.

Various styles of Panoramas we can offer

  • 360 Panorama virtual tour – Is a combination of 360 panoramas combined and interlinked
  • Cylindrical panorama – Is a view all the way round but not the bottom(floor) or the top (Sky).
  • Spherical Panorama –  A full view like being inside a globe complete picture, aiming not to have the tripod and camera man’s shadow.
  • Steroscopic Panorama – Two cylindrical or spherical pictures. The two pictures are taken at two different zooms about 65mm apart, these are then placed side by side, Left and right eye and viewing on a virtual reality head set is the most common way now. The reason these are taken is present the viewer with a feeling of depth.
  • Inception Style Drone Vertical Panorama – These are a very different view creating a mind bending image, produced with a drone and photoshop.


Check out our showreel and get in touch for any video footage you may require, from selling your house to high definition footage for inspection purposes we can provide what you require.