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How to create 360 Panoramas

This is something I love doing I find it very satisfying and rewarding. Post processing can take up a lot of time, as you have to stitch the pictures together. For this I recommend PTGui, as with everything there is more than one program. I started with this software and have been given no reason to change it does everything I require.


  1. The work flow I follow to create a panorama 360 would be.
  2. Take the required pictures remembering each one will be bracketed. Make sure the pictures overlap enough about 30% from one to the next. Take one up one middle one down and then rotate until you have a full 360 view. If you can imagine yourself at the centre of a globe and you want to make sure you cover every angle. Do not forget to take the sky and floor pictures too. Remember to adjust your pictures for the sun my best results were achieved on a slightly overcast day when the sun was shaded behind a cloud. You could possibly end up with 100 pictures for one panorama 360.
  3. I would then bring the pictures into photomatix and individually merge each of the pictures together creating about 20 HDR images.
  4. After this stage I would bring them into PTGui and stitch all the HDR images together to create one big picture.
  5. Finally I bring the picture into photoshop where I would adjust what type of camera took the picture(Basically it’s a layer that has been modified and then you add your picture layer together)
  6. This makes Facebook automatically recognises it as a panorama 360 and allows it to be an interactive360 picture. Visit FACEBOOK
  7. If you don’t have facebook page or account but have created a website I created a subdomain and used wordpress to allow me to add the Ipanorama360 plug-in.

[ipanorama id=”107″]

Tips to remember when creating your panorama 360:

    1. The no-parallax point – Your photos need to be taken from exactly the same point to avoid parallax errors in the stitched panorama. Panoramic heads are the best tools for achieving that. Take a look at Nodal Ninja panoramic heads (we really like them).
    2. Shoot in RAW format to ensure maximum quality
    3. Shoot on full manual mode (manual exposure – both time and aperture, manual focus, manual white balance

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