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My personal review of JC59

Personal review of JC59 CBD oil food supplement

Overall Ranking: 10/10
Price: on average £30 per 10ml
Owners: Lloyd & Craig Butterworth

JC59 are a supplier of high quality CBD – Cannabidiol oil (food supplement.) The brother llyod and craig have worked hard with their supplier from holland to provide their customers with a verity of quality CBD oil.

Why all the talk about CBD

From what I can understand after my own research purely speculative involving quite a few hours reading about CBD: The human body produces certain cannabinoids (endocannabinoids) on its own because these interact with receptors in our body CB1R & CB2R. I was going to attempt to break down and understand the CB1 and CB2 receptors but these are very complex CB1 being located in certain parts of the central nervous system and CB2 located on inflammatory cells so I am no doctor and at this stage in my life never will be, if you would like to know more I suggest consulting something like News-Medical or National Center Biotechnology Information / PubMed over 1055 articles and test carried out)
Medical News & HeraldScotland

In conclusion to my reading of various articles various CBD, CBN and THC studies will be carried out and as the laws around the cannabis change and become more relaxed people’s perspective of the plant may change and these studies will be more welcomed. I really hope this natural powerful plant really can help.

Cannabis, marijuana or Hemp

It is all very similar but the way it is grown/cultivated will often be to suit the consumer’s needs. The female plant produces buds/flowers which can be smoked or utilised but you also get male plants, the male plant seeds only give you sore head. Marijuana generally refers to the leaves and flowering tops of the cannabis plant, hashish (hash) referring to the resin and cannabis oil mostly from the Cannabis indica, Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis rudavalis plant. Cannabis indica, sativa, rudavalis cross breading has led to thousands of different strains. This is one hell of a confusing plant, or one well pimped (hybrid) plant with many strains all fighting for their share of market space especially in a country like Holland where it is legal, head to a coffee shop over there to be met by a wall of clear plastic bins with many names like, Acapoco Gold, Bedrocan, Blue Dream, Charlotte’s web, Durban Poison, Purple Kush, skunk, Sour Diesel and of course my favourite name and probably the most famous White Widow.

Cannabis, marijuana or Hemp what does all this mean?

These are questions I had as like most people I’m guessing. After all smoking a joint, growing or supplying cannabis is illegal in many countries and many people have been locked up for such offences for example Howard marks the biggest smuggler of cannabis aka “Mr Nice”. Some people will associate smoking cannabis a slippery slope to the introduction of “harder” drugs, the stigma of being a gateway drug is one that is slowly shifting but takes time and education.

Is hemp weed????

What is weed? A plant whose virtues have never been discovered.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hemp – is a strain of the cannabis plant but without the high concentration of THC, to be more precise the THC content is lower than 0.3% by weight. Hemp or industrial Hemp is quite possibly one of the oldest farmed/cultivated plants (8000+ BCE) and can be used to create many different products like: Hemp car panels, trainers, fabrics, rope, food (very high in protein and other nutrients), paper, biofuel and it can also be rich in CBD.

“Why use up the forests which were centuries in the making and the mines which required ages to lay down, if we can get the equivalent of forest and mineral products in the annual growth of the hemp fields?” ~ Henry Ford

What can be extracted from the plant?

Over 400 compounds inside the cannabis plant, the Trichomes contain THC and canabanoids which there are more than 85 variants identified and contained inside the cannabis plant, some of them include THCA, THC, CBDA, CBD. THCA becomes THC and CBDA becomes CBD through the decarboxylation process catalysed by heat, light or alkaline conditions.

THC delta-9 tetrahydocannabinol is the main most active ingredient in the cannabis plant and is the physcoactive ingredient that gives you the “High” and alters the users mind. But when combined with CBD it is said that these components can work well together.

CDN is Cannabinol as THC ages or is exposed to heat/ultra violet light it becomes CDN, it is said to have sedative like effects. (Sleep aid)

CBD is Cannabidiol. CBD does not have the physcoactive element but has the opposite effect of the THC and CBN it calms you down, it can make changes in the body positively leading to a lot of medical studies and medical research around the CBD oils. The most common and accepted practice to extract CBD with is with the use of CO2.

Terpenoids – Around 200 Terpenes are found in the cannabis plant, these terpenes evaporate easily and are sniffed in by the nose. Terpinoids / Terpenes are said to be what form the basis of aroma therapy. So the fragrance you associate with your favourite strain of cannabis is due to the dominant terpenes. Some of these more pungent terpenes also give the plant protection from insects, fungus and other animals looking for food. Do not forget the terpenes because when they are combined with CBD and/or THC they may help with the overall effect on the body/mind.

Trichomes – Contain cannabis Resin which is the sticky gooey residue. The trichomes are found on the female plants buds and lesser amount on the leaves.

Hemp oil or CBD oil?

Proper cultivated strains of cannabis are grown for their CBD-rich properties, hemp or industrial hemp as a whole can contain far less CBD therefore will require far more to be grown, some may also claim hemp oil contains less canabioids making it less effective. The process used for extraction has an effect on the final CBD oil product. Common Extraction techniques include: CO2 Extraction, Ethanol and Olive Oil.


The benefits of using CBD as a food supplement has been reported to include: Pain relief, Relieves anxiety, Anti-depressant, Lowers blood pressure, Antioxidant & Reduces inflammation

 Disclaimer: Like a lot of food supplements they could have side effects: drowsiness, diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, dry mouth, change in eating habits are among some before takin CBD oil you should consult a medical professional.


Do not hesitate to contact them with your questions as I know they would be more than happy to help or respond to your queries. 


Various Flavours and types available starting from £29.99 per 10ml

Final Verdict

After you read the brothers story and why they have pursued the JC59 brand you will connect with their passion for CBD oil and the possible benefits it can provide. The oil is definitely highly recommended and I personally supply my dogs with this on a twice daily basis,I  feel it helps to ease their pain and the onset of arthritis.   

Check out JC59’s shop

Personal review of JC59

Should cannabis be legalised now?

In 1928 the recreational use of cannabis was banned in the UK, the growing of Cannabis plants made illegal in 1964 and it’s medical use was outlawed in 1974, but as things progress in 2018 there are discussions and various campaigns set up, and it looks to be up for negotiation.

UPDATE!! As of the 19th of March 2019, it is legal for a doctor in Scotland, Wales and England to prescribe products which contain Cannabis, Cannabis Resin or Cannabinol, a major step forward and hopefully will give many parents and adults what they require to return to a life before medical problems arose.

Legalising Cannabis has become something of an increasing subject through many countries. One of the most well known being in Holland as they where one of the first countries to have a tolerative policy which decriminalised the growing, consumption and re-sale of cannabis in (permitted) coffee shops one of the first was the bulldog coffee shop, as the story goes the owner originally sold his joints/marijuana in a park his stash buried in a hole which was guarded by his “Bulldog” sitting on top.

  • Uruguay – In 2013 Uruguay was the first country to legalise cannabis for recreational use, they must sign up to a register and can buy up to 1.4 ounces a month from pharmacy’s who’s product comes from state supervised fields.
  • Canada – In 2018 Canada voted 52 to 29 in favour for the recreational use of cannabis, minimum age limits are set to 18 and the producers will be federally licensed. As of October 17th 2018 it is now fully legal.

The potential for the income/taxes the countries that legalise the sale, consumption and production of cannabis could be huge, i think a lot of politicians may be crunching the numbers and want in on the action. Forbes report that the worldwide cannabis market could be worth 57 Billion by 2027.

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