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my review of the Smok Vape Pen 22

smok vape pen 22

SMOK 22 Vape Pen
Overall Ranking: 8 Out of 10
Price: From £14.99 – £22

Owners: SMOK

INTRODUCTION –This is an all in one Sub-Ohm starter kit I have been using the SMOK 22 Pen for the last 6 weeks and I wanted to include a review about the good and bad things I have found while using it. I changed up and choose the SMOK 22 vape pen as I work in a manual job role and wanted something compact and substantial that could survive a day at work. The pen looks and feels good and fitted

I bought my SMOK vape pen 22 as I travel a lot and cannot be bothered with the hassle of carrying lots of batteries large battery packs etc. Lots of batteries may give you hassle at check-ins and security checks.


The stainless steel design is clean and feels good in your hand, it gives you confidence in its performance.

To get started remove the battery from the box, install coil by screwing into top of battery, Push glass gently onto battery, fill with your favourite e-juice allow a soak period for your cotton, screw on the top, push button 5 times to switch on, a few small activations before taking your first inhale and you are off and vaping. I find this small pen produces nice clouds, you have to sacrifice read back and display which a larger mod can provide but it is small and compact for me it would be a trade-off. It can get hot if held for a long period again because there is no option to control temp, voltage or current but if you control your button press it works well.


So there are a few things I have come across when using the SMOK vape 22 pen:

  1. Easy on/off 5 quick presses of the button
  2. Battery lasts me about 48hrs of normal vaping.
  3. Holds enough fluid to last me 24hrs.
  4. Easy top-fill
  5. Medium vape cloud with good flavour
  6. Replaceable coil heads.
  7. Disassembly allows cleaning


  1. Fixed tank to battery therefore doesn’t allow tank upgrades.
  2. No adjustment for Airflow
  3. Sometimes leads just after filling but ok after a few vapes
  4. Fixed drip-tip size 


Targeted at the novice, Newbie vaper looking for his first e-cig and certainly gives you some more options that the smaller pen vapes provide.

PRICE From £14.99 – £22 for the starter kit which includes,

1.A vape 22 pen (22mm)Built in 1680mAh LiPo Battery
2.Micro USB charge
3.2 0.3Ohm Dual core coils
4.1 User Manual


The SMOK 22 Vape Pen is great for the beginner/intermediate or just a user needing a small compact handy vape to carry around while travelling, working etc. It is small, compact and delivers great taste from your e-juice compared to other smaller e-cigs pen type vapes. I have enjoyed using the pen and it has satisfied my vape needs for the last 6 weeks. Although I did have a slight accident and crack my tank so I do recommend having a replacement, this was not the vapes fault but my own glass will never win on a metal ship deck. I was able to perform a temporary repair with electrical tape.

You can purchase the SMOK Vape Pen here

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