How To: Online Marketing

Online marketing Definition – Online marketing involves using a strategy, tool or method to broadcast the message of a company’s brand product or service.

Marketing your business online.

As you may have seen from my previous pages, I have ventured into the world of running and creating my own business. Now I had would say I two types of business ideas, the first I created was/is primarily an offline business, yes it has a website Facebook page and all the other social media things you can think about but what I provide is a service. The second is an online business this is something I have never attempted before. It is something very new and daunting, but the internet has many potential clients and so many things to offer its time to get started.

If you have started one business why waste time trying to run two??? This is a great question and can be explained. The drone business I started at the same time involves a lot of free time that is matched with nice weather when I am at home. Now for a start I live in Scotland where we all know we can have four seasons in one day, in winter time there is not a lot of daylight and thirdly I work away 30 days at a time where I have some internet and computer access so blogging and creating an online business seemed like a good idea. (I have three children so the free time thing at home can be difficult too).

I started to learn and teach myself about marketing, which includes online marketing. It is a huge subject and one that many companies develop and pay to have huge strategies. I have a better understanding of how it works but I also understand why people specialise in the subject and become experts because it is a huge subject, the potential out there to grow your business is massive. I originally had a few posts separating different points which I thought would be important, as I mentioned above online marketing is huge there also seems to be a way to use some of the new skills to supplement my drone business. I have created a new page supplement my business where I will be including the online marketing research I have done together with the ways to make money online that seem to come with online marketing. I wanted to help keep note of it all and show anyone looking into online marketing my notes. Continue reading about online marketing

Ways to make money with a computer

Like I mention above my drone business is very weather dependent so when the weather is bad I needed something to help supplement my business. I started to Google ways to make money with a computer and all sorts of great plans and websites kept popping up offering to make me a millionaire overnight. Something I knew was not possible, but still I clicked each link to see what they had to offer. You have probably done the same or are doing the same so you know what I am talking about. I spent hours trying to figure out what to do which ones to believe which ones where just after your money. But one thing I could see was there is definitely ways to make money with a computer. The key is to find the online business idea that best fits with your lifestyle, hobby or just something that interests you.

Online business Ideas

There are many online business ideas and also many online businesses. Some relate to a physical product you could be specialized retailer using the like of Shopify or WooCommerce where you sell other people’s products. Other websites will sell you information or teach you various subjects (education and training), online marketing consultant, affiliate marketing, Vlogger, Search engine consultant (SEO), social media consultant, web design or CV/Cover letter writer, blogger, the list goes on and on. But what I wanted to do is find something beneficial to me something that helped me grow my online presence for my brand (Futurephoto). I had very limited online experience when I started my first business. I had no idea about SEO, yes I knew about Facebook, twitter and Instagram but I had no idea I could use these to help and assist me to grow followings and even makes sales with. But first I needed to get online gain some web presence so I knew I had to have a website. A quick bit of online research told me when writing this that there are an estimated 7.2 billion people on the planet and from that an estimated 3.8 billion have access to the internet. It’s always growing and evolving and can be accessed 24 hours a day anywhere in the world.

Online Scam’s

Pyramid Scheme


When searching to make and online business or even come up with an online business idea you will come across various options. In my opinion the main thing I would look out for is something called a pyramid scheme. Now a pyramid scheme has many levels and they evolve by getting people to sign up for no benefit other than to create a new level to the pyramid. For people to advance up the pyramid they pay a new fee higher than the initial fee but as they have made money by recruiting more people the new fee is higher. Once you get in you can feel trapped and the only way is to continue promoting something that has no real product gain (A naked pyramid scheme) apart from increased profits for the people at the top. Pyramid schemes cannot last forever as eventually recruits will dry up thus removing the pyramid building “blocks” thus the whole thing comes crashing down and you lose your money especially the ones at the bottom. Remember a pyramid type scheme provides nothing of value at the end of the day all you will do is promote a company for the recruits to join and all they can do is promote that company. Pyramid schemes are illegal and you should avoid these at all costs.

Understanding and having some basic ethical business values will assist you to choose the correct route and avoid the online scam’s out there. It it’s self is a huge topic and one that will be debated for years but the dictionary meaning of is:


A system of moral principles. A branch of philosophy dealing with values retaining to human conduct, with respect to the rightness and wrongness of certain actions and to the goodness and badness of the motives and ends of such actions.
10 Positive Ethical Values for your business could be:

  1. Honesty,
  2. Integrity,
  3. Trustworthiness,
  4. Loyalty,
  5. Fairness,
  6. Respect for others, leadership,
  7. Reputation,
  8. Accountability
  9. Quality.

People without ethics might well be known as “A Con Man/Woman”

Dictionary meaning: A man who cheats or tricks someone into believing something that is not real, this is done by first gaining the victim’s confidence, then steels from them or manipulates them. Another common reference could be a Hustler which has two meanings the fraudulent, unscrupulous swindler or the Go Getter determined to get the job done.

The Hustle – The Hustle is an email newsletter for savvy forward thinkers interested in business news. They find, explore, and uncover original content on stories that inspire.

Something that is completely FREE and helps on a day-to-day basis in life and business is receiving an e-mail everyday from The Hustle  which contains lots of useful information. ” I used to read the news, but let’s be honest: that crap is dry and you only read it because you feel kinda like you should if you want to be a “good” adult.  But for a daily news email that’s funnier, less political, more relevant, and 200% guaranteed to make you sound more interesting at dinner parties and/or during Tinder dates, you HAVE to get on board with The Hustle.”

How do I make a million?

double a penny to a millionA question many people ask themselves me included. After seeing all the marketing claiming to make me a millionaire overnight I did a little research on how hard it would be. The first thing I came across is if you take 1 penny and double it every day for 30 days you will have £5,368,709.12 so on day 28 you will have actually passed the 1 million target and will have £1,342,177.28 This would be great if you could double your money every day but unfortunately I cannot tell you how to do this. If anyone does know the secret to this please let me know.

The Second way would be to find one million people all willing to give you £1. This would be very difficult if you want to do this in your local as I very much doubt it has a population of one million people. This would then lead you to the internet, if you look at the below picture of internet stats there is about 3.8 Billion people with access to the internet. So this means there is a possibility to sell your products to a rather huge amount of people.

internet stats

For instance if you want to make 1 million in a year, you would need to make £114.20 an hour. For every hour of the year, so you need to make money when you sleep. This could be difficult but again it is very possible with the internet. As everyone in the world wakes and sleeps at different times the internet can and is accessed 24 hours a day 365 days a year. So what are you going to sell?  A very good question what if you could help sell other people’s items on Amazon or eBay which is very possible through affiliate marketing or ecommerce.

My online marketing plan

The steps I decided to follow with my online marketing plan are in no way the 100% correct or even the best. Remember I have no real online experience. I can tell you these are my own personal findings. These may help a little when you attempt this for the first time.

These steps were my first draft (notes) and are very rough as I continue to learn I will continue to add to this online marketing page.

My original Notes:

  1. Create a business name & Logo (arggggg)
  2. Create social media profiles. (Which ones?)
  3. Why create a website/blog?
  4. Purchase your domain name (the name people will type into the search browser) I think a .com or domain would be best but need to learn the basics of website building and hosting.
  5. Choose how you want to build your website – what website builder do I use?
  6. Get it online (Hosting) – Websites can be created and hosted by many different service/domain providers (do some research)
  7. Choose your content/ Niche. (How do I create relevant content? Blogging?)
  8. SEO and SEM – Choosing the correct Keywords can be difficult what there things out there to help are. (Jaaxy ???)
  9. Monitor traffic to your website – Google analytics is very good for this but can take a bit of time to set up and figure out.
  10. Make money from your website or blog. (Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing???)
  11. Capturing feedback – This can be done by having comments sections, e-mail feedback forms, social media reviews etc.
  12. Use my feedback to improve – Have a comments section beside pictures or on pages this lets you see what people think. I guess a bad comment can be better than a good one just don’t take them personally and work on the criticism.

Creating a business name is probably one of the most frustrating and also one of the most important. Unfortunately I found no easy or secret way to do create my business name. I wanted to create something original, something which had great relevance to my subject but also a bit of variation. If it flows well and is relevant to your business and what you do this helps when you create your website domain name. If you feel you can turn into your own brand all the better, A common way to do this is use your own name, this allows you to become personal with your customers if people know and trust you already then why would they not trust your business. It was something that annoyed and frustrated me for a while I put way too much pressure on myself I wanted it to be perfect maybe I was being too fussy when really something simple and effective was all I should have been looking for. Creating a business name should not be annoying it should be fun, speak to other people. Use your wife, family and friends to help with brainstorming. You want to gauge initial reactions get their feedback and as they say two heads (or more) are better than one. You can use google to see if names for businesses are available. Also remember to include the research you carried out previously detailing all the local drone businesses and their names. Be aware that business which sounds similar may cause customers to get confused and use the wrong one to fulfill their needs as a customer.  Most businesses now a day have a website and/or a blog and some presence on social media. So it’s a good idea to check and see if the domain name is available, but be cautious I would limit the amount of times you search for a particular domain name from your internet browser as this can increase the domain name price as some providers will keep track and the price will increase every time you look to purchase it.

Once you have your name and are happy with this, I would also recommend creating a logo or have someone do this. As your brain can associate visual logos with names it is worth it. You just have to look at all the large companies Redbull, Coca-Cola etc. A name and logo optimise people’s chance of remembering or recognising their product somewhere. My own personal opinion is it helps to make a business look more professional. My personal logo was created using Photoshop but if you are no expert and would like a little assistance then i recommend Fiverr it is a great website to provide freelancers can assist with lots of things you may need.

fiverr logo link




Company Vs Brand

If like me you were a bit confused about a brand or company research lead me to conclude the company sells the images or data required by the client for money and the brand creates positive impressions e.g. this will be done safety, expertly and professionally.   So in most business worlds i think they go hand in hand. A Company & Brand relies on reputation and everything positive that surrounds it. You companies product or service is delivered straight away but your brand reputation will have to be nurtured and built as time and experience goes on. I find that social media plays a huge part growing a company’s brand; positive social chat helps create the “everything positive” that surrounds your company.

An example of Branding is the American president Donald TRUMP and the TRUMP name. Now there are many companies all delivering a different product under the TRUMP brand name, he sells and licenses the brand name to other companies to help associate them with the trump empire. TRUMP created the brand via the media which helped portray wealth and “Billionaire” status. The apprentice program boosted his status in the American eye as a great business man and which later helped boost his status towards the American presidency. The most controversial question regarding TRUMP now is: Does he want to be president or is it all another huge promotional stunt to have the TRUMP brand associated with the ultimate Elite status?

Company Slogan, Tagline or Mission statement???

Company Slogan = This can be a tough task but can also add huge amount of value to your brand logo or name. E.g Nike = Just do it, Redbull = Gives you wings, L’Oreal = because your worth it and the list goes on it is certainly not easy,

Walt Disney’s various marketing ideas

  • Vision statement  = Make people Happy,
  • Mission Statement = To be one of the world’s leading producers and providers of entertainment and information. Using our portfolio of brands to differentiate our content, services and consumer products, we seek to develop the most creative, innovative and profitable entertainment experiences and related products in the world.
  • Tagline = The happiest place on Earth
  • Slogan = “Where dreams come true”

Using your Social media for marketing

Advertising budgets for social media could be in the region of 9% to 11% of your yearly turnover.  Social advertising costs you more than money it can be very time-consuming learning and practicing, possibility to out source which gives you more instant experience and flexibility across platforms in turn proving to lower costs as things can progress quicker.  Employing your own social media manager may cost you in the region of £35,000-£50,00. Hiring a small social media management company can be beneficial and help you as they know what works and doesn’t, a very acceptable pricing option would be in the region of £400 to £1500 a month for a package and these tend to be offered over a 6 or 12 month contract. But if thats not for you stick in and read on as there is more to help you within this page.

Create Your Social Media Profiles.

A little bit about blogs and social media – WordPress and google Adsense Started around 2003. WordPress is an add-on or blog website which made it very easy for people to start blogging. Adsense made it easier for people to start making money through blogging. The first personally owned blog sold to AOL for 25 million. In 2007 social media started to grow, Facebook, Instagram and twitter which is actually a micro blogging app the amount of characters is limited so this can be a great place to engage readers and if they want to continue reading your posts can be pointed to your blog or website. You tube another social media website is very popular with vloggers A vlog is like creating a blog but all done on a video. iTunes not so much for social media but a music site which has actually become very popular for podcasting which could be classed as a blog without the video.

Social Media Benefits include:

  • Established online presence
  • Customer Service
  • Driver for conversions
  • Drives web traffic
  • Enhance SEO/Natural searches
  • Brand Awareness
  • User generated content

Best things to promote on different social media platforms

  • Facebook – video, images and short descriptive posts, possible advertising.
  • Instagram – beautiful images work best, video content is increasing.
  • You Tube – High quality video 4K, Vlogging, how to videos, reviews
  • LinkedIn – professional site for the business professional networking
  • Twitter – short attractive content, great for communicating with followers.
  • Snapchat – personal your day-to-day life very short videos.
  • Tumblr – mostly visual fun videos and images very limited text.

Keeping in mind the rule of thirds when posting to social media platforms:

1/3rd Should promote your business to convert and make an income

1/3rd Share ideas and posts from leaders in the industry

1/3rd   Promote your personal achievements and interact personally with your following.

Everyone now a days uses social media some way or another we know these are great ways to advertise or let people know you exist, like friends and family who might like to find out what you are up too. You can build networks and interact with groups to help you with ideas for pictures of videos and the techniques that are constantly changing. I personally used Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and now Steemit. My very first customer contacted me through Facebook within my contacts so don’t be scared to share your pages among friends.

Self-Enhancement – people have a selfish tendency and want to maintain a social image they have built time to create. (Too be Cool) The selfie and the pose!

Social Currency – If people think your content is cool they would share it! Surfer image targeted at cool surfer clothing ripcurl billabong etc and creates an image, things like this can help if you want to demonstrate knowledge or Stand out.

Viral – Getting hundreds, thousands or even millions of people to share your content, video picture or written blog post.

If it is viral content you are attempting to create, now is the time as if done right can go viral in today’s social media based world in a matter of hours. “Emotion” – content that effects people’s emotion like terror, fear, joy and ecstasy. Creating a connection on an emotional level can make a huge impact on your content being shared. A funny piece that creates laughter with an audience often tends to have a larger connection. Memories are attached to emotions and can help bring back positive messages. The correct Music attached or playing with your content can help play or enhance the emotion. Note: What do you want the emotional outcome to be?

Managing you Social Media

my buffer review

Managing all your social media channels could be a full time job all by its self, but there is apps out there that help. I personally use buffer to update my LinkedIn business page on the go via the buffer app. This is a great way to keep my LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter etc followers up to date with my latest posts. Read my personal review for Buffer here.

User Generated Content

If a consumer feels pressured it is easy to block or unfollow. Being more personal on social media allows this to happen. User generated content crafted by the consumer, reviews social media post, podcasts or videos. The content is created by a third party to help gain a trust in your brand. It can be a good idea to ask consumers to leave a review. This content tends to be: low cost/free but does require engagement. 93% of consumers use user generated content to help with a purchase. 10 reviews give a sense of belief. E.g. Starbucks had their users design a cup and post a picture on social media using a certain #hashtag.

Tips for user generated content.

  • If you have recently had bad press do not release user generated content.
  • It is about them not you or your brand.
  • Manageable platform (twitter- is open based.)
  • Prioritise criticism and do not ignore people they are only human.

Social media is a good place to encourage people, but the hard sell is not recommended. You can build your list and later use e-mail marketing to target your audience. When using facebook ads function on social media more options are available for sales but the higher ticket items may require more personal interaction.

The #Hashtag – This turns a word into a search able link – They are not sentences and correct punctuation is not recognised. Keep the hashtags you use relevant to the content and do not overload a post.

Steps I attempt to follow when using social media platforms.

  • Creation of post/tweet etc
  • Publication (optimise for best time and day)
  • Engagements (comments re-shares try to take part engage with your followers.)

If you already have an account for these social media websites then I would recommend connecting your existing accounts or creating business pages with your original login. I made the mistake of setting up different accounts this then meant I had lots of login details etc and I was wasting important time logging in too each one individually. (Hootsuite is a great app to help posting across various social media platforms)

You see as you go about setting up your own business online or not what I have grown to realize is your time is what you have to incorporate into your pricing, so maximizing your efficiency and minimizing your time spent online or processing your drone data etc is more time doing what you have set out to do, fly your Drone or whatever your hobby is, get outdoors and have fun!!

Note: helpful add-ons for your website: Buffer, Hootsuite, addthis, IFTTT

Why create a website blog?

This is a good question and one I did ask myself, a blog or social media allows you to express yourself, showcase your work and also continue to create content that is updated regularly keeping followers up to date and engaged in your work. Social media can be used to drive customers to your website/blog. Audience Building through social media is very popular as there are many different platforms available and everyone has their own favourite so to reach out to more people you want to be spread across as many platforms as possible. There are things out there to help you like Hootsuite and Buffer. These all help create one app that can sharing your various blog posts across the different platforms to create more channels, that can be turned into possible funnels.

How do I create my Website

In the beginning I had no idea to create a website so I did some research to find a good website host, being based in the UK I decided to choose 1&1 internet they have some good plans and they were very reasonably priced. I bought my required domain name which came with a hosting package for about £3.99 a month. This was the best deal I could find at the time so I choose to get started with 1&1 website builder. In the beginning it was quite easy to use, all I needed or thought I needed was a website with a few pictures and some contact information and the phone would never stop ringing. I was very wrong.

The 1&1 website builder is free to use but there are a few limitations, they will only let you have 5 pages, adding social media buttons to your pages is an extra and there is not full access to all the html code (something that can become very helpful later on). But if like me you are just starting it was a great place to start and very easy. After sometime I found WordPress which can be installed your website domain.

So when I built my first website I had 5 pages these were: Homepage, Contact Page, privacy policy, gallery and site map. I had browsed many websites and studied their layouts. But it was terrible and not the right thing to do at all. I then played around and practiced, eventually I changed to WordPress and this made and amazing difference giving me a huge amount of options, life became a lot simpler once I figured out how it operated.

  1. Sign up to 1&1 INTERNET.
  2. Install WP to your domain
  3. Install some very helpful Addons
  4. Setup your WP Theme
  5. Make sure the website is optimised for mobiles/tablets as this is now the most popular form of browsing.
  6. Create your pages
  7. Choose your menu’s
  8. Start posting.

One thing to keep in mind with a blog is if you use which allows you to host for free you will be unable to use Google Adsense etc as they do not allow you to make money via advertising.

Now you have created your social media pages and website it’s time to start generating traffic (visitors to your website). My plan has changed somewhat from when I very first started out because originally I had no plan or idea of what I should do. I had all of my social media platforms a website setup but no real structure to what I was trying to achieve. So what I attempt to do now is have all them point or link to my website to increase visitors to my website. When they get there I have tried to develop content that is relevant for them to read but also I want people to see the drone service I can provide,  visit my online shop, interact with my 360 panoramas or sign up to my blog.

“You don’t need to have all the traffic on the internet visit your website for it to make a difference, just the interested one’s”.

Do the math and figure out what you want to earn money wise, break it down into manageable chunks, know what you are aiming for and work towards your goal.

Content planning / strategy.

“An idea without a plan is just a dream”. A quote I remember but where I saw or heard it I cannot remember but it has stuck with me. I believe a strategy and plan can be combined and when I developed my strategy I documented what worked and what didn’t. Content Marketing Strategy components can include –

  1. Am I trying to build an Audience?
  2. The channels I plan to use. (Social media, blog, website pages)
  3. The content I plan to publish and who it should be aimed at.
  4. Measurement of feedback/comments/popularity.

A popular content marketing plan/strategy for building your content could be:

The 70% (proven content) 20% (premium content) 10% (experimental content) breakdown

  • Proven Content – Content you see and read about already
  • Premium content – should include download links and a landing page can be for the deeper engaged follower (conversions!)
  • Experimental content – Something different that allows you to see what other posts or new posts can be your next way forward or what your followers want to see

Another great tip when planning is to Schedule blog or social media posts. The main aim is to have them published so they appear at a time that is suitable to the reader, based on which country, age group or the time my website has the most visitors. I gain this information with the use of google analytics.

Do not forget to set smart goals smart measurable and achievable!

Content Rich strategies

Visual, Video and Audio contents

Using visual enticement to your content is a huge part in today’s marketing, your own original images or photos are a great way to help gain the click you are looking for, followed up with content that matters will keep your audience coming back or reading on. Original images tend to work best, stock images can be the most efficient and timesaving but results are less favorable. Some survey results would expect you to gain – 46% engagement with original graphics, 26% love to engage with data visualisations (infographics) and 8% with the stock images.

Stock Images/Photo’s: are for rent or purchase or even free, you can gain the license to use such images providers are: Shutterstock, Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash, Wikimedia commons, Adobe creative cloud stock images and google stock images.

Infographics: Graphic and visual representation of data, charts and knowledge. These should be easily “shared” through your social media networks. Do not forget to embed your logo on your infographics. (Befunky, Snappa, Google charts, Canva infographic maker,

Video’s: Great for interviews, a different idea Animaker, Videos are becoming a hugely important the help customers engage, 90% helpful to make decisions, Can increase clicks 90% more in e-mails, 80 increase with conversions on your website. YouTube is the second largest search engine behind google. YouTube has 1 billion visitors each month behind

Audio: This could be a weekly or monthly update, hosting your podcasts can be done on the likes of Itunes one of the biggest sites but if you would like to broaden your listeners as not everyone uses apple products you could try soundcloud, buzzsprout or podomatic

Content Marketing

Content marketing – a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services. Content marketing can help increase brand awareness engagement, lead generation, sales, and customer retention/loyalty.

Content marketing – who are you aiming to target, Rolex aims for high-end customers maybe not so much sales but higher price points. Red bull – extreme sports and adventure sports sponsoring athlete’s sports and all to sell one sports drink or are you aiming for the younger generation small cost high sales rates. Are you promoting goods services, apps, games, clothing, photographs the list goes on you could be combining things together.

Content and Niche

Choosing your Niche is something that can be very easy if you have a hobby or interest you enjoy. Some people can find it very difficult and frustrating, possibly because you get too focuses on the money aspect. When I first started writing these pages and posts I was exactly the same. As. Time passed and I began to plan out my pages and structure what I had been doing or wanted to be doing. Things (writing) became a lot easier I also read that making money should be a by-product from. Doing something you enjoy. If you have a product in mind you would like promote this can help to generate content because Having a solid core of content before using social media to push people to your website is very important you will need to create compelling content. Again something that is very difficult in the beginning but don’t worry the best thing you can do is sit down and start writing all the ideas and thoughts you have remember and keep note using any device or paper you have it will come together personally I find:

First drafts = get all the notes that come into your head

Second Draft = make it flow and read well

Third draft = Optimise or concentrate on SEO remember Patient is key and it takes time.

Writing reviews is a great way to display your opinions help to gain trust with your followers, don’t be afraid to fail and start creating content things take practice no one is great right away, people love opinions/reviews. Creating content that can answer questions and provide solutions to people problems is great as a lot of people google it negative reviews are not something I would enjoy writing about but if you. Luckily I knew I enjoyed playing with drones and as my drone business was only just starting out I thought what better than to pick this as my “Niche”. Writing reviews and also documenting the processes I went through starting my commercial drone business has helped me to keep up-to-date, blogging has helped to keep my content fresh as well as keeping my business plan moving forward. It is very easy to keep track of my targets and tick them off against my list of things to do.

Key notes I like to remind myself: Content takes time and practice, it builds a relationship with followers they can trust! Evergreen and Compelling two very important words when combined with reliability + intimacy + self-orientation = trust worthiness. There are many bloggers who are very successful out there all writing content for various subjects/niches = fashion, sport, fitness, products, lifestyle etc.

Resources – utilise as much as you can to help maximise your time don’t be afraid to ask for help in your network. (Helpful apps Canva / Feedly)

Content Curation

Another way of creating content is curating content. Curated content is taking lots of published content that already exists on the internet or social media and organising it in one of your own posts (Sharing posts, tweets, pictures etc). This can be a lot easier to share and curate content than create original content. It can be time efficient which can help build a following as people use your website or blog as the go to source. It can be a great way of keeping or gaining followers if you have a case of writers block and need help to get your blog back on track.

Things to be careful of when curating content, It is not you own content, you may be helping to drive some people to other websites, some things I have read recently point towards poorer SEO for you. Definitely do not claim these articles to be your own and give credit where credit is due.


from what I can gather and understand it’s about acting fast on a breaking news story and adding your own credible content to grab media attention. Trying to find the keyword people are looking for when a story breaks and getting in on the free publicity. Another one to be very careful with as I am sure a few words in the wrong context or place could have a negative impact on your brand or name.

Developed by a gentleman called David Merman Scott and he has developed a whole course on how it works.

How often should I blog post?

This I believe is entirely down to your own schedule remember lots of factors can affect you in the beginning, available time, research, writing and practicing publishing your posts to your website or blog.I think keeping what i wrote and posted regular and consistent with time to work on post in between was a lot more productive than trying to post 4-5 times a week, if your post content is strong and well laid out your readers will stay engaged and people will always be able to read your posts faster than you can produce them.

When I started reading and researching about blogging I wrote down this quote and I really can’t remember who it was from which bugs me, it was from a professional blogger who made a very good living from it, but it showed me it was not going to be as easy as i first thought. “Between 40 and 60 hours a week. I work longer hours when I’m trying to get far ahead in my blog content. I currently do three blog posts a week. I do have an editor who edits my site and a tech person to make sure my site is always up and live and no one is hacking it.”

Pages or Posts

As far as I have figured out pages are to be a one time writing yes you can update them but they are great for privacy policies and about me. I chose a few pages to which I could write and detail steps I followed, then as time goes on and I increase my content I would add posts therefore expanding and keeping my content fresh.

Posts are organised by WordPress by date and time that you can organise into categories. These are organised with your latest post being at the top therefore your posts should be published in the order you wish them to be displayed.

Posts show up in RSS feed and pages do not, pages are more customisable than posts, pages have a hierarchy and posts are categorised.

After reading quite a few posts and pages about this debate I think both will do well in terms of SEO as long as you pages or posts are well structured. A popular website structure is the use of cornerstone content pages, linking back (back-linking) to your page from various posts.

I believe your cornerstone pages should be based around your evergreen content which is very important as these articles can still be relevant in years to come(like a tree that stays green all year round) as your posts are on the internet until you were to delete them.

There is a WordPress plugin “Post type switcher” that allows you to change posts to pages or vice versa.

The importance of SEO

To start with what is SEO: Search engine optimisation is the process of using search engines to get free organic or natural search results. Search engines need to be able to find and rank your pages so these can be displayed on their search results. Search engines themselves have a goal to provide their users with high quality relevant search results. Blogging is important to keep you ranking organically in search engines as most search engines look for is good content that is updated or newly created which has relevant content.

Metadata = Titles, description, Image alt txt, is part of coding that makes up a blog post or website page. You do not need to be an expert website or coding expert as you have the likes of WordPress and website builders that assist and make it easy for the likes of me to build and create websites or posts with the required content that search engines like e.g. headings, content and tags.

SEO can take a small amount of time to get google to index and take notice of your pages and post but don’t be put off like I was when it never showed up after a day or so it all takes time keep it up to date along with your keywords and keep posting relevant content.  Note: Keep a keyword list, once you have used them retire them you do not want to compete against your own posts.

SEM – Search engine marketing, being found through paid marketing.(Google adwords) remember to measure your ROI = return on investment.

White Hat SEO (Tell the Truth) – Quality and original content, following industry standards and guidelines.

  • Relative Keywords
  • Quality Content

Black Hat SEO (Lying) – trying to trick the search engines will not enhance your website at all and can cause you to get black listed quite quickly. Techniques like invisible text, unrelated keywords, keyword stuffing, and irrelevant back linking these are typically used for short term financial gain and are not recommended in anyway. Search engines have increased their algorithms to help crack down on SEO cheating. “Syndicated content” copied content that does not add value, doorway sites trying to push users to other websites

Backlinks – 3x per 1000 words maximum – No short cut to gaining your links these take time as you build your content. Separated into two types:

  • Follow Links – give you credit and help with SEO, organic earned links(never paid for google will penalize you)
  • No follow links – Comments should be no follow links, Links to Untrusted content, don’t help SEO these do still help drive referral traffic, decreases spam.

Things to keep in mind when optimising for SEO:

Futurephoto Optimised SEO page

  • Make sure the website has good flow and the structure is easy to navigate.
  • Longtail terms to be more specific to optimise the traffic coming to your site
  • Cornerstone content pages, linking back (back-linking) to your page from various posts
  • Backlinks (this is an incoming hyperlink from other web page/post back linking to your website page or post. A few backlinks from large websites with great authority can be better than 100 smaller websites!! Remember to earn your backlinks (endorsements) don’t be caught out and think these can be paid for.)
  • Not too many links on the same page for selling stuff gives the reader too many options.
  • Make sure the content and SEO work you carryout help increase the user experience.
  • ClickBait – Trying to avoid this you do not want people to be angry when they come to your post/page.

keyword planning tools like, Spyfu, Semrush and Jaxxy can help when searching for the keywords to use. You need to find a happy medium – Search volume look for large search volume with minimum people using the keywords.

WordPress add-ons like SEO optimisation or Yoast can assist to add the correct information where it needs to be.

Influencer marketing

Focus is on a key individual or types of individuals. examples would be famous model photographed wearing a certain clothing, Hells angels riding Harley Davidsons giving the bad boy image to the general consumer. More commonly found You tuber with a huge following endorsed (paid/social gain/free products) buy large companies to talk about, wear or promote your brand.

  • 70% of teenage subscribers relate to youtubers
  • 40% of twitter users have made a purchase from an influencer tweet

Making money from your website or blog

A common route people generally tend to take throughout their “making money online” career seems to be starting out with paid advertising & affiliate marketing, then launching their own product or e-commerce & eventually landing coaching/teaching others what they’ve done & how to do it.

Possibilities and timescales:

  • Year 1 to 2: Start your blog, add paid advertisements through affiliate links, collect & grow your E-Mail list.
  • Year 2 to 4: Create or sell products (Ecommerce).
  • Year 4+: End up coaching others how to do what you’ve done.

After you have created your website or blog and worked a bit on SEO I found there to be a few possible ways to make money with them.

      1. Online Surveys – Get paid to take part in online surveys some will pay up to £5 for one. I personally signed up to
      2. Affiliate marketing – promote someone else’s product or brand, paid in commission, make sure you stay relevant. Follow this link for free Affiliate boot camp run by click funnels.
      3. MLM – Multi Level Marketing similar to affiliate marketing but promoting a company to join and sell. These can look like a pyramid scheme and there are a lot out there, be very cautious when signing up to a company with no product or outcome other than promoting the company.
      4. Sponsorship – More targeted and personal with audience
      5. E-Book publishing– Create relevant content which can be compiled together and sold as and e-book.
      6. Webinars – compile all your content and information into a webinar, charge a sign up fee and allow people to watch anytime anywhere online.
      7. Product endorsements – (you have to state when u have been endorsed, very similar to affiliate marketing.)
      8. Google Adsense – You could use Google Adsense certain level of traffic before they start placing ads on your website.
      9. Native ads – companies paid to place their own post on a website/blog – blend into site content sometimes the user may feel tricked as they don’t know this is an advert instead of an article. The aim is to persuade the viewer towards a specific brand.
      10. Sponsored content – companies will work on content with you to create content that can be posted on your website/blog not brand biased is designed to educate the audience about a product.
      11. Note: Collaborative post should be displayed on a native and sponsored content posts on your website.
      12. E-Commerce – Create an online shop.
      13. Guest blogging – writing or posting on other blogs,
      14. Gamification –Game mechanisms to create a game from everyday tasks or create giveaways to a task that would be otherwise boring. A feeling of competition can create an emotional want to WIN. As always what is your GOAL?? Feedback, new product, brand awareness, rewarding fans, e-mail list growing. Again using a #Hashtag can be great to track the competition.
      15. Be very careful and follow the rules and regulations.
      16. Gated Content: is when the high quality content you have created is behind a gate, the gate is a landing page or form that requires them to fill in their information before the gate is opened and the content is available.

One thing that interested me was finding out the difference between affiliate marketing and ecommerce what I could find out was as follows: The profit that could potentially be made 10% affiliate marketing and about 25% ecommerce profit. You only place affiliate links some places to link to different products. If you have your own ecommerce shop you want to be linking everyone to your point of sale. Your own shop – when they buy from you collect their data e-mail etc becomes your list and assist in the chance to resell items. SEO major player in the affiliate market.  Affiliate offers can stop at any time. Percentages can be reduced at any time. SEO on google etc can change the way they display or rank your website.

How to Capture, grow and automate the e-mail list process!

You need an e-mail list once your blog is set-up roughly £1 a member a month can come from your e-mail list read more about why you may need an e-mail auto responder!

“You want to make sure your specific goal is defined your likes don’t pay the bills Conversions do” and the way to get conversions is to use a Call To Action (CTA). This needs to be Easy, clear and concise using a maximum of steps 1,2,3. Using an image or line of text that prompts the visitor to take action which can be

  • Download,
  • Like Us,
  • Shop Now,
  • Read More,
  • Get in Touch,
  • Secure your Spot,
  • More Info,
  • Sign Up.

With the help of Strong Convincers like:

    • Promotional Codes: Percentage based discounts, 10% up to 25% for normal stuff and the 50% of to liquidate stock.
    • Dollar/Euro/GBP value discounts: £10 off your purchase
    • Free Shipping
    • Free Gifts

Note: The buy now button on social media does not work as well as when it was first created due to a slight shift in user behaviour and the need for further reassurance, social media is better when used in tandem with other content.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing was something I read about on the internet (Read about who taught me) and had absolutely no idea how it worked. So I started to do more research, google Adsense popped up and I also came across many different websites where it was very clear there are a lot of them were doing it.

What is affiliate marketing?

What I took from it all is, if you own a website or blog then you are going to be providing information about products or services; the aim of your website or blog is to provide valuable information the people using the internet to grow your following. Now you might want to make money while doing this. Affiliate marketing is where you place links on your website or blog that direct the potential client to a website or item. If they then make a purchase, transaction or even just click your link you will be paid a commission. Something is see no problem with at all if your content is relevant and appropriate to the user then why should you not make some money.

A very good example of this is money supermarket, now this website is full of links and reviews. What they supply is great information about how to save money, reviews on credit cards mortgages etc. Not all but quite a few of the links you click on to buy sign up etc, will in return pay out to money supermarket. I use money super market as an example as I believe it to be one of the best websites/blogs out there and they have a great grounding and still do not allow any company to advertise on their website. They also only affiliate link to deals that are exactly the same or better to what is mentioned on their website blog posts or pages.

One of the most popular and most used affiliate marketing websites I discovered was Money Saving expert. After looking through the website the layout is quite clear they review all the different ways to save money give great expert advice which the user greatly appreciates. They have a trust with the writer who was originally written by Martin Lewis. The website is free to use. To keep it this way they use affiliate marketing to make money. So to break down what I can understand

      • Step 1 – Build trust with your readers.
      • Step 2 – Create content which is valuable to your readers and also interests you.
      • Step 3 – Create honest good reviews of equipment or hardware to help educate your readers.
      • Step 4 – Build links to the products you review to convert your readers to customers.

Now this sounds easy but it can take time and a lot of dedication to write good honest content about the niche you choose.

A great free affiliate boot camp can be found here at

Click funnels free affiliate boot camp

Hot to build a Channel or Funnel

A funnel could be – Advertise Followers on social media, the advertisement then drives traffic to your website or blog if setup correctly they will become a conversion. The conversion/outcome an outcome does not have to be a sale it could be to sign up, download or participate in webinars, fill out forms questionnaires etc.

Possible channels could be:

      • Google Shopping or Bing Shopping – Items listed on page one
      • Social media Ads reminding clients of things you have or gaining new clients
      • SEO – Pages displayed on page one
      • Gift Cards
      • Free giveaways.

A very popular and effective tool to build your funnels is by using clickfunnels  they provide a whole online solution which allows you to build and create a sales funnel, they even offer a free 14 day trial. Read my review of click funnels and why i believe they are worth it! READ NOW

Facebook Ads Manager- Collecting data with the use of Facebook insights is becoming very popular

Online reputation management

The act of monitoring, addressing and mitigating undesirable re-actions and outcomes against your content (blogs, posts on social media etc)

A different kind of list.

It’s very important when writing a blog to stay on track as your blog grows it’s very easy to go off on different directions and not focus on the key pints you set out. I found this very difficult myself as I was attempting to write two niches or subjects at the same time. I would start writing a few posts of each and never get either finished. I overcame this by writing a list of the main titles I wanted numbered them and made a point of not starting anything new until I had completed my list. This maybe something that helps you to keep on track and focused on the way forward. Along with family life distractions or interpolations the list reminded me where I was and what to continue to work on update and post.

Do not forget if you are looking for help the Shawacademy has helped me a lot along the way with various things and following their courses e.g. Photography, Graphic design, Digital marketing, video and much more. What they offer are real life skills training which I have really enjoyed. You can read more about My Shawacademy – review or head over to Shaw Academy and check what they have to offer.