How To: Photography

Photography has been something I have enjoyed since a very young age. I have spent a lot of time taking pictures throughout my life of various subjects and have no problems with taking pictures of anything that does not mind it. I do have some favourites but anything outdoor really and outdoor photography would be my most preferred. Perhaps this is why drones became of great interest to me as these can provide brilliant new views and angles but also have so much to offer. I owe alot of my photography training to the Shaw Academy online distance learning programs. Hopefully what I have learnt from them while taking part in their Advanced photography program, Diploma in Adobe Photoshop and Diploma in Adobe Lightroom I can pass on through this blog.

Advanced Diploma In Photography

Ultimate photography CertSome of what I have learned so far I have included in various blog posts:

  1. Digital Camera Sensors
  2. RAW and DNG file editing

Various Photography techniques and styles i have enjoyed so far are:

  1.  High dynamic Range
  2. Tiny World
  3. How to create panorama 360’s
  4. Create Black and White Image
  5. Create a Time-lapse


Image Editing software

dipola in photoshop certDiploma In Photoshop

The diploma in Photoshop helped a lot and I really enjoyed playing around and using Adobe Photoshop to help enhance my images. Continue reading my blog page Understanding photoshop for help and tips.


Diploma In Adobe Lightroom – 

Free Software – A link to four great pieces of software which are completely free which I think anyone performing any sort of image processing should have.

Making money with you picture’s.

Displaying your work and making money from your images can play a massive part in your business, or maybe even just allow you to buy that new camera. Facebook, Instagram, dronestagram, twitter all great places to showcase your work and initiage engagement but you want to aim your subjects to that place to convert cash. Online marketing is a huge subject and plays a vital role you can read more about that here. But if you are after some basic places to get you started and display some images that might turn out to make you some money here is a list:

  • Getty Images, IStock photography allows photographers to make money taking pictures and when their images are used for blog, newspapers etc they are paid. Getty images was co-founded by mark Harris Getty one of J.Paul Getty’s 5 sons. He was the original founder of Getty Oil and a British/American Business man. You have to apply to Getty images for your work to be included/displayed on their website
  • 500Px, Allows you to interact with other photographers in a great community and also display your images in their marketplace, another stock photography library.
  • Drone safe register stock images, if you are a drone pilot this is another great way to get your images out there.

There are of course many other stock photograph providers online to which you can submit your images like:

  1. shutterstock
  2. Adobe creative cloud stock images
  3. Canva
  4. Pexels
  5. Fotolia
  6. Pixabay
  7. Unsplash
  8. Wikimedia commons
  9. google stock images
  10. Dreamstime


As I discuss on the main Artisans page, an Artisan is a craftsman who produces work with their hands, in days gone by this was done in a darkroom by a skilled photographer developing and editing negatives with their hands an “Artisan” in my eyes. So because the tools have changed I do not believe they are anything less, with the modern photographer adapting their skills to use computers and editing programs like Photoshop to create master pieces.

There are many photographers out there that produce amazing pieces of art and one such photographer that’s art work caught my eye is John Wilhelm- Photoholic. I can completely relate to his family lifestyle and have the up most respect for his work that includes his daughters and wife as the main subjects in some amazing Photoshop post editing, his skills are brilliant. Visit his website John Wilhelm – Photoholic or his 500px Site account  a great place to showcase and sell your work.

Trey Ratcliff – From Dallas Tx, Lives in New Zealand, (Also a father of 3)

I have come across Trey Ratcliffs name a few times, while following the Professional diploma in photography with the Shaw Academy and also a drone video which caught my eye, the video turned out to be created by him; it includes 3 years of drone footage filmed and editing together. These two things I also love doing flying my drone and taking HDR photographs. Video

His blog and tutorials are great too Stuck In Customs Website:

Cliff Baise – Dallas Fortworth Arlington Texas.

I really liked where this guy was from, I know a very weird reason to check out his work but I spent quite a few trips over in Arlington and Texas while working for a wireline company in the oilfield game. I actually bought my first DSLR from a Best Buy out there and photo graphed the New Dallas cowboys stadium, Texas motor speedway and Texas Rangers baseball stadium.  These images where nothing spectacular, it was the beginning of my DSLR practice and camera skills. Looking through his portfolio his work it is very good and the HDR photographs are brilliant.

About Cliff

Lee Jeffries – Manchester, UK

Street photographer creating strong HDR images famously based around homeless people from the UK and America. I find his images really cut deep and really emphasise Emotion portrayed by his subjects. The use of HDR or tonal range/high contrast with black and while images really stands out and creates some amazing stripped bare portrait photographs.