Photography & Drone Pricing

As you can appreciate a lot of time and effort needs to go into pre-site surveys operations and image editing. The Training, Equipment and Insurance we completed and in place to perform these operations come at a substantial cost therefore the prices quoted below are what Futurephoto Ltd believes appropriate.

Futurephoto Price List 2018
All prices above are exclusive of VAT                             *Please Contact for further information.

Travel too/from locations

Travelling expenses in the UK are not included in the above pricing and are billed on a mileage basis this will be agreed with the client in writing, prior to the start of the job. Travel out with the UK will be covered entirely at the customer’s expense. Fixed price tenders and quotations to councils and other public sector organisations can be provided when required.

Site Survey, Booking & Deposit

Before any Drone operation can begin a pre-site survey will be completed to assure all parties involved the operation will be safe successful and legal (In accordance to the CAA regulations).

What information we need from you before we can begin the pre site survey (office based and On-Site) is the exact postcode or grid reference and a short brief containing as much information as possible in regards to the operation you would like carried out.

When the pre-site survey has been completed, assessed and the operation is suitable we will provide a quote. If the quote is to be accepted a 25% deposit will be requested before we continue.

Weather, Reschedule & Cancellations

Unfortunately drone operations are limited by weather (Wind speed & Rain) and this is out with anyone’s control. We will monitor the weather up to 5 days before the operation is due to commence and if the weather is not suitable we will contact you 24hrs before to reschedule. We have a flexible approach to operations and will endeavour to meet your requirements but if you are unable to re-schedule due to factors out with our control the 25% deposit will not be refunded. If the client cancels the shoot within 7 days of the scheduled date the 25% deposit will not be refunded.


Futurephoto ltd will hold all copyright to the material they capture if this is to be released to the client an appropriate agreement and fee will be agreed upon.