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Shaw Academy – Review

Shaw Academy –My Review
Overall Ranking: 8 out of 10
Price: Various Options, Free to £45 a month
Owners: J
ames Egan and Adrian Murphy
Website: www.shawacademy.co.uk

Shaw Academy Lifetime member picture


Shaw academy is an Online training provider who offer a variety of courses. Originally started in 2013 based in Ireland they have continued to grow. They are recognised by various certifying bodies:

Shaw Academy Accreditation

My own personal experience came from taking the photography course which lead to the blogging course and hopefully to many more. I have joined the shaw academy as a lifetime member which means I now have access to every course they run for life. I did this because I am continuing to grow a drone business and thought I would be more professional with certification to compliment my business.

Futurephoto Shaw Academy Diploma


I will get the negatives out of the way first as I could only find a few.

  1. The iPad app seems to be very buggy and does not always work. I recommend using a laptop for completing the courses which you will need for most. (Iphone app worked without issue)
  2. Some of the lectures are not live as they say but only a handful I have come across. They are pre recorded but still very relevant to the course.

In my own personal opinion the positives of shaw academy far out weigh the negatives.

  1. Online flexible learning
  2. Learn at your own pace.
  3. Easy to access and get started.
  4. Multiple courses to choose from one monthly payment.
  5. Great community and support
  6. No deadlines to complete started courses
  7. Mobile Phone Application to learn on the go.


I would recommend the courses to foundation courses beginners and the advanced diplomas to the more intermediate student. If you are looking to get your DSLR into fully manual mode or any camera for that matter. I personally was using a drone to complete the course which also has a full manual mode option. I can quite confidently keep the drone camera in manual mode no problem at all now. Diploma courses require about 8hrs a week for 4 weeks. The Advanced diploma courses require about 8hours a week for 16 weeks.


When you subscribe fully to the pay monthly plan with shaw academy your receive access to all of their courses and online training. Not just the course you may already have signed up for. Great if you would like to try out other courses or training. The full sign up provides you with PDF diploma documents that can be printed on quality paper to frame or have on file. Certificates are distributed only once the entire course is completed.

Toolbox inside members area includes:

  1. Copies of the slides to read over and review. Anytime
  2. Access to the online training videos anytime
  3. Summary notes
  4. Bonus Video’s SUPPORT

Support is available for 15 minutes Q&A after the live training modules

Support@shawacademy.com to answer questions out with training times.

Facebook community is also great for asking questions and interacting with fellow


Free – introductory offer to try one course



£45 Monthly fee 

Lifetime memberships are available around £1000(offers are promoted at various times)


I came across their website when I was looking to study an online photography course. I liked the look of the website the price was right so I thought let’s give them a shot (free for first diploma course). I signed up and read through all the e-mails and got myself onto the first webinar. (Don’t worry if you can’t make the live webinars they record these and let you watch them whenever you have the time, flexible learning at its best.) Personally I loved the live webinars, I learn a lot better when I can ask questions and clarify subjects before moving onto the next subject. Some online learning material is fine but you cannot ask questions at the end or there is no community to interact with. The Shaw Academy have a nice question and answer session at the end, if you still struggle to get the answer you have the shawacademy facebook page and the community on there as a final plan. Here you can upload pictures for people to comment and give you feedback. The instructors work through the material at a nice pace everything is explained in great detail. You will complete little assignments and at the end of each week an assessment. Now i found these are not too tough but still tough enough you have to pay attention throughout each webinar. The diploma course is four weeks long so you will have a final assignment and exam to get your diploma. You can then progress onto the ultimate photography course to further your knowledge. (16 weeks)

Here are some of the pictures I submitted for the assignments:

Repetition (Picture)

Lines (Picture)

Overexposure (Picture)

The great thing about online learning with the Shaw Academy is they do not just teach photography they offer courses in Finance, health and wellness, marketing, technology, design, beauty, music, business, and language all of which have many more sub categories just what you’re looking for if you want to start your own business or are just there to learn for your own pleasure gaining some real life skills.

I really enjoy my experiences with the Shaw Academy they are very friendly and have a very good in depth knowledge of the subjects they teach. They are passionate and want you to succeed. It does not matter where in the world you are with online learning you can participate.


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