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Start of summer 2018

So May has been a very busy month, kidney kid’s Scotland weekend with the family where we learnt a lot about my eldest son’s condition, this was an excellent and most appreciated weekend that was perfectly organised and very informative. It was time to enjoy the 3 nights in Amsterdam booked via booking.com with my better half all while squeezing in my dad taxi duties, golf (which is getting worse), some photography and my continued training for a triathlon but before I knew what had hit me it was now June and time I head back to the grind offshore. On a plus note I have now been stopped smoking cigarettes for 3 months and still going strong and the weather we had through my whole 26 days at home was great the kids where hardly inside apart from sleeping. Unfortunately somethings in life are keeping me away from the drone business but I cannot complain as my full time employment is very busy and still allows me time to research the cryptocurrency markets, and a few other things I enjoy while away at sea. Life certainly could be a lot worse.

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