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Making money with Cannabis investments

4 ways of making money with Cannabis investments

Collecting Cannabis seeds: It is currently illegal to grow cannabis seeds in the UK without a licence this is currently similar throughout a lot of other countries. But it is Presently, fully legal in the UK (and in many other countries worldwide), to collect dormant cannabis seeds, dormant seeds are seeds which have or are not germinated.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Sensi-seeds supplies legal cannabis seeds from some of the most masterful breeders in the world, who have worked hard to create a huge variety of high-tech strains, all with their own unique genetic properties.

By safely storing legal cannabis seeds, valuable genetics can be preserved for the future use if the law ever changes in a manner which allows cannabis to be legally cultivated, if such a monumental change was to occur, a collection of fine, high-quality strains can be resurrected from their slumber and these collected seeds could prove to be very valuable to collectors instead of being referred to as long-lost legends.

Many of the world’s top breeders have created a cult following, their branded products are a collectable souvenir for anyone interested in the cannabis seed culture. Even if the laws do change to make cannabis cultivation legal, many collectors are likely to keep their precious seeds dormant, much like a vintage whisky collector may store fine whiskies with no intent to ever uncork a bottle. Whether you are a hardcore-collector, or a beginner who just wants to keep a few choice strains for posterity, you’ll appreciate the huge selection of top-notch brands and fine varieties which sensi seeds can offer. This can be a positive investment that in years to come may pay-off as a monetary windfall. Other options could be to invest in companies already listed on the stock market.

Investing in the Stock Market

NASDAQ Global Market (GWPH) – GW pharmaceuticals are licensed to glow cannabis in the UK their products include Epidiolex® (cannabidiol) from the cannabis plant, Sativex® for mor information visit

General Cannabis Corp – OTCQX: CANN – A holding company with established resources throughout the regulated cannabis market. These resources include the infrastructure needed to grow, protect, distribute and dispense various cannabis based products.

Investing in Cannabis  Cryptocurrencies

C-45 Bill was currently in progress and if passed could produce some big winners and losers in the cannabis industry.
UPDATE: This bill was passed in June 2018 and stands to make a legal cannabis market in Canada!

Losers in this market are set to be the ones who fall short and do not comply with the legislation in the cannabis C-45 bill, so as things develop and companies start to fall in line with the  legislations put in place it could be a very interesting time to see if the cyrptocurrencies attempting to grow the market flourish into some sweet BUDS!

Remember: the cryptocurrency market is still finding its feet and seems to becoming more stabilised, the cannabis market is the same which could make them a good fit but remember these are young and risk is involved with any investment this is only a guide.

(FYI in brackets is the ticker an acronym found on coin market cap):

  • Potcoin (POT) – The first cannabis based cryptocurrency created to service the legalised cannabis industry. Based on a Peer to Peer network without the centralization of a bank, they also provide users with a secure Potcoin Mobile APP Wallet.
  • Cannabis Coin (CANN) – Very similar to POT coin but tested at dispensary’s already and making valuable progress.
  • Dopecoin (DOPE)
  • Canna Coin (CCN)
  • Paragon (PRG) – Creating positive work enviroments office space geared towards the cannabis industry and the people who work in it.
  • Hemp Coin (THC) – One of the first 30 crypto currencies created in 2014 the Hemp coin is geared towards the hemp agricultural and farming market allowing farmers a safe and convenient way to pay their peers for hemp products. They also aim to target and create a Point of sale card system.
  • Budbo (BUBO) – ???? Website not working????
  • GreenMed (GRMB) – Has created a mobile APP to find your dispensary and order your product for pick up or delivery.
  • Blazer Coin – ???? Website not working????
  • SativaCoin (STV) – A commodity driven cryptocurrency that was based on the Cannabis market but has since shifted to the larger commodity market.
  • KushCoin – Did not have an ICO self-funded and aim to be the number one coin to service the cannabis market from seed, distribution and sale.
  • Cannation – ???? Website not working????
  • Marijuana Coin (MAR) – Seems dead in the water July 2018!
  • GrowersInternational (GRWI) – ERC20 token who can supply lots of products for the growers market(looks like it’s a work in progress)
  • Tokes Platform (TKS) – Setting up to provide blockchain solutions to the cannabis industry. Part of the team is Chris Bolton who is COO of THERACANN INTERNATIONAL who builds, grows and markets products following the correct solutions and ISO standards. Seems most active and monthly newsletter is still updated! (Vault Logic BTM Bitcoin Tellar Machines)

Investing in Cannabis ICO’s

There are a few cannabis ICO’s relating to cannabis market but as with all of these Risk is involved and as I have found sometimes leads to fingers being burnt!

  • Budd Token (BUDD) – Attempt to capitalise on the Canadian market and create a banking solution, they also aim to create an Amazon style network while developing a Vape & clothing line for the BUDD Brand.
  • Gana Token
  • Pavo
  • Ganja Token
  • Nezly
  • Nuvus
  • ATF agro tech farm
  • CannaSOS
  • Herby
  • SmokeNetwork
  • CBD
  • Ganja Coin
  • Bongger
  • com
  • SmokeExchange
  • Duber