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My personal review of Buffer

my buffer review

my buffer review
Overall Ranking: 9.5 out of 10
Price: Various packages, Monthly Pricing Starting from $15

Owners: Joel Gascoigne (Co-Founder)


Buffer is a social media tool, the software helps streamline the process of posting across multiple social media channels. They are trusted by over 80,000 users, from small business to huge brands.


The user interface is easy to use, the free account is great and helps get you started especially when cash can be tight when starting your own business. The option to schedule posts allows you to stay ahead and write content in advance. You can choose to post to your groups and business pages on Facebook so you don’t double up content keeping your posts relevant.

I have noticed you can’t monitor your social media or customer engagement through the tool but there is other software out there that can fill this gap.


Buffer can be used by a complete novice starting on their own or a business working with a social management team. Buffers statement “We aim to serve a variety of markets including: publishers, mid-stage startup teams, non-profits, higher education, sports teams, e-commerce, solopreneurs, businesses, and enterprises.”


Buffer has a dedicated team to help support its users, they are focused on their customers and user experience.


Sign up to buffer and you can connect up to 8 social media accounts to a personal pro account.

But do not worry you can try out the free option which lets you connect 3 of your social media channels and start posting, I find this great and it is what got me started.

Business account Allows you to connect to more social media channels from 25 all the way to a maximum of 150 for the largest plan. The small Medium and Large business plans are $99, $199 & $399 monthly. The business plan also allows you to include teammates, which is great if you want help creating and keeping up to date with social media posting on a regular basis.

On The Go – Buffer has a free app and this allows you to share/post from your mobile device while on the go.


Buffer is a great tool and one I recommend you add to your business toolbox, it is easy to us , the user interface is easy to navigate and this helps save me valuable time. I am a small company and mange all my own social media so this tool suits me and the way I work. I recommend anyone to give this a go especially if you have a LinkedIn business page it makes posting on the go easy.

I am sure you will LOVE it!!