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This style was an impressive little photo I saw on a photography page when I was looking for 360 panorama’s. It is quite an easy thing to do with Photoshop after you have created a 360 panorama. The panorama takes a lot of work especially if you have a hundred or so picture’s to deal with at the beginning. But when the hard work is complete you tiny planet photography should take 4 easy steps:

Take your HDR panorama 360 like I have described in a previous post. Bring you image to Photoshop,

  1. Resize your image/pictures so it is a square.
  2. Rotate you picture so it is upside down.
  3. Apply the polar coordinates filter (Filter~Distort~Polar Cordinates) and make sure “rectangular to polar” is selected (ticked)
  4. Perform any post process you like to the picture and your done.

Simple but effective to produce another different view of your work.

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